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Best Workout Equip’ for Indoors




We all want to work out at home, make the best of our holiday, covid days off to stay in shape. Here are some of the best home workout equipment to use at home, tested by myself:


Best stationary bike:

NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle

Website: https://www.nordictrack.co.uk/exercise-bikes/nordictrack-commercial-s22i-studio-cycle

Also, you can find it here

Best Budget/Price: $1.999 but is also available at $57 / month  

Overall Rank: 9 out of 10

NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle overview

This workout smart machine is stand out through its automatic standing control feature, music focused-classes.

Whenever you want to start any other workout you always have to start and warm-up yourself at first.

S22i structures a few other unique perks, including a workout fan and a handlebar tray where you can place your phone. The fan has several speed settings and an Auto mode that automatically adjusts the airflow based on how fast you’re pedalling.

The most brilliant thing is that the bike comes with a set of dumbbells x 3kg each, which you can effortlessly store on either side of the handlebar tray.

NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle Tools & Training (Nordictrack.com)

  • Comes with a 1-year iFit Family pack
  • it gives you access to 17,000 library workouts filmed in 40 countries, has an interactive personal training feature that lets coaches control the incline, decline, and resistance of your bike.
  • The S22i comes with a 10-year frame warranty, a two-year parts warranty, and a one-year labour warranty
  • to simulate outdoor terrain this amazing S22i can be inclined up to a 20%  grade and decline up to 10%,
  • S22i offers 24 digital resistance levels
  • In the affinities of design the S22i is fairly compact, measuring 55.0 by 21.9 by 56.9 inches (LWH), and its maximum recommended rider weight is 350 pounds. It structures a steel frame with an adjustable padded seat and non-slip handlebar, adjustable feet, front wheels for easy transportation, two water bottle holders,
  • it has two 2-inch digitally amplified speakers, an auxiliary music port so you can play your music through the console sound system while you exercise, and Bluetooth support for wireless headphones and heart rate monitors.
  •  There is a brake knob on the frame the incline, decline, and resistance controls are on the handlebars. The S22i let you manually control your resistance with plus and minus buttons on the right handlebar (incline and decline controls are on the left), or digital buttons on the screen.
  • the cycle automatically adjusts your resistance, incline and decline during both on-demand and live classes to match the terrain or the trainer’s suggestions. all you need to focus on is just the cadence meaning how fast you’re spinning your feet.
  • the cycling seat is quite uncomfortable, especially for beginners. You can pad the seat covers  if you like
  •  As for the interface of S22i, at the bottom is the main iFit screen where there are all the tabs and you can control everything from Home, Calendar, Create, Browse, and On-Air


Best workout machine:

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym (BB)



Website www.bowflex.com but also for all fitness workout fans styles you can find it here too 

Best Budget: £527.76 you can get  from Amazon here, also available https://www.bowflex.com/home-gyms/blaze/340001.html
at $1,499.00

Overall Rank: 9.5 out of 10

Bowflex Blaze machine overview

  • The Bowflex PR1000 home workout machine helps strengthen your muscles

  • This multipurpose machine helps work the abs, arms, chest, back, shoulders, and lower body.

  • in your own comfort, you can perform over 60 strength exercises and a built-in rowing station

  •  Bowflex Blaze machine provided you resistance during every part of the exercise movement.

  • BB  machine will get you the full-body workout that you always wanted.

Bowflex PR1000 Tools & Training

  • The mid-level pulleys let you perform numerous chest exercises or an aerobic row with the sliding seat.  also for working out the deltoids, shoulders and arms.

  • The upper pulleys allow you to work your lats, back and shoulders.

  •  for the full-body workout, you can use the leg extension/curl to work your quads and hamstrings.

  • For its dimensions length: 90’’, width: 38’’ and height: 83’’ is not hard to sore and assembly in your own room

  • the features as all in one compact unit come with weight, the Power Rod units which give you strong body resistance

  • The 210 lbs of resistance are upgradeable to 310 lbs or 410 lbs.

  • It comes with multiple cables, pulley positions that allow custom workouts.

  • Lat tower with angled lat bar helps build back and shoulder muscles quickly.

  • As it has a junior pulley or a squat station that allows you to do squats and build the glutes, hamstrings and quads.

  • The leg curl attachment or the leg extension will help you develop strong, muscular legs.

  • The sliding seat rail enhances aerobic rowing training for calorie-burning, cardiovascular warm-up and cool down.

  • The ankle cuffs have a triple function hand grip and are designed to add flexibility and performance to any workout.

  • The warranty applies to defects in materials and workmanship for the original owner only but does not apply to normal wear



Best exercise ball: Exercise Ball Chair | Pilates Ball | Birthing Ball for Pregnancy, Balance & Yoga, 55cm / 65cm / 75cm Swiss Ball With Stability Base & Resistance Bands – Anti Burst, Gym Quality – Pump & Fitness Guide

Best Budget/Price: here

Website:  www.amazon.com

Price: the best  

Overall Rank: 9.5 out of 10



Exercise Ball Chair Wise Max overview

Package includes:

-body ball with base and plugs

– resistance band set (15-20 lbs)

-exercise wall poster

– pump

-a inflation tape measure and foot

-rating 4.9 from 5

Exercise Ball Chair Wise Max Tools & Training

-The Ball exercise chair Wise Max can be used for a full-body workout, enhance muscle tone. Strengthen your core, increase balance and flexibility, improves posture, and reduce pain

– the material is sturdy and the ball bounces well.

-for physio and physical therapy ball

-perfect in birth control to help relieve pressure in your pelvis

-excellent for reducing the pain in the lower back and spine.

– a fantastic product, very easy to set up with clear instructions on how to do

-very helpful with  home workouts as is allowed to add different exercises into your regular workouts

-the resistance bands made it more stimulating particularly valuable with some core and upper body exercises.

Best foam roller: LuxFit Premium High-Density Foam Roller

Website:  www.amazon.co.uk.   here

Price: super affordable 

Overall Rank: 9.5 out of 10

LuxFit Premium High-Density Foam Roller overview

-Made from high-density foam with a moulded polypropylene foam technology which has a 2lbs per cubic foot density and a very smooth surface

-this roller is great for Physical Therapy, before or after workout exercise, for Yoga and Massage Therapy.

-this foam Muscle Roller helps to relieve muscle tension and increase Muscle Reflexology.

  • It is available in 3 sizes: 6×36, 6×18, 6×12. 36 inch

LuxFit Premium High-Density Foam Roller Tools & Training

This foam roller is great for back pain and back workout exercises, for core stabilization, balance, and stamina.

  • Also, the foam roller helps prevent muscle injury and is excellent for positioning, balance, postural and muscle re-education, spinal stabilization, body awareness and coordination, and not to mention for ranging and strengthening activities

Here is 1 example of how to use it and how I do it:

To start, sit on the floor and pull it up against your backside as you are sitting. Put both hands on it- and slowly slide until your hips are elevated and your abdomen is parallel to the ground. Roll slowly between the bottom of your ribcage up to your shoulder blades. Don’t forget to breathe. It is normal to have some cracking/popping as everything loosens up as you roll. Enjoy relief from poor posture, heavy boobs, etc just twice a day for 2 minutes a time.


Best pull-up bar: UMI. Essentials Door Pull-up and  Chin-up Bar Upper Body Workout Bar


Website:  www.amazon. co. uk;  amazon.com press here if you want to get yours

Price: £55.99  

Overall Rank: 9 out of 10


UMI. Essentials Door Pull-up and Chin-up Bar Upper Body Workout Bar overview

-with 4.98 from 5 reviews this pull up workout exercise bar is ideal for deep build muscle at home

  • -with the innovative technology of the fixative Pull-Up Bar will help you expand the best exercise effects.

  • the bar will always stay in place without bolts and drilling. just twisting the pull-up bar to extend its length. The more weights it endures, the more sturdy it is.

UMI. Essentials Door Pull-up and Chin-up Bar Upper Body Workout Bar Tools & Training

  • UMI Pull up bar’s main body is made of 3MM thick stainless steel tube and net weighs over 2.5kg

  • The capacity is up to 200kg

  • the pull-up bar design has a soft PVC mat to increase friction which provides a strong grip on both sides.

  • The materials are made of high quality and ensure that the pull-up bar can keep sturdy and firmly even load 200kg.

  • The pull-up bar has 360° safety locks on both sides to prevent rotation and avoid accidents

  • Also been made with stainless steel locks which are very sturdy and the structure support makes it more firmly

  • This portable door frame pull-up bar has a high-density threaded adjustable system, which allows you to adjust the bar to any length, between 72CM – 92CM / 28.3 inch – 36.2 inch without limitation.

  • To enjoy your workout this pull-up bar can be used in its different locations from a door frame to a corridor

  • The foam handles are very comfortable because are made of high-elasticity rubber and nylon, with the structures of non-slip, non-toxic, and non-smell technology

  • It comes with a lifetime service guarantee with every pull-up bar and grips and other replacement parts are offered. Just ask if you need



Best shoes for a home workout:




Website: www.amazon.co.uk 

you can take your here 

or REEBOK X COTTWEILER: Old-world style meets new-age tech.

Price: £87.78 – £131.14

REEBOK x NANO x WIT overview


-available in 9 colours

  • With the outsole with minimal heel drop for a secure footing.

  • Their premium technology Flexweave are made to be breathable, stabilizing, and durable outer material.

  • The new shaft entry is made from a high-density foam

  • Have a lightweight EVA foam cushioning.

  • the Reebox Nano comes with a nice wide toe box which makes them comfortable yet they feel firm and responsive underfoot.

There are a lot of home gym options in this price range. You can find excellent manufacturers of gym equipment that utilize individual pairs of weights or combined weights. But always look at reviews and shop around to find prices to suit your budget.

The same applies to any fitness or workout products don’t rush into buying something you may regret once delivered. Please feel free to check here the last article with the other awesome equipment for your use at home workout.

One of the best sustainable ”mentor” which I appreciate very much, Oprah, have some of the obvious ones on her site also: https://www.oprah.com/health/the-no-equipment-workout-you-can-do-at-home/all

If you enjoy this review and if you have any questions about or what to leave your personal review please leave a comment below, orhere or at admin@fitnessemporiumglobe.com.


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  • Matiss

    That NordicTrack thing looks really badass. I had no idea equipment like this can come with a workout fan. That’s sweet. Also, I too love the idea of two 3 kg dumbbells. Other than that, I did not expect that it will come with a huge set of workouts to try. I mean, I kind of really enjoy the idea of interactive training. It just might be the reason why we’d end up getting one. My wife has been saying that she wants something like this for so long. I think we should pull the trigger.

    Thank you for all the insights. I will be looking at that pull-up bar as well. Cheers. 🙂

  • Rebekah Kann

    What do you recommend for Karate?

    i am hoping to buy one of these! they look great for me because I am trying to get more fit and this site might help me out with that! thanks for this GREAT website. I will look into the shoes for sure too. I look forward to learning more from your site. 

    • Angell


      At the moment I have yet to review or recommend equipment or clothing for karate, as my website is in the early stages but I will take into consideration karate as a topic for future inclusion. 

      Apologies I can’t be of more help at present. Ty for the review.

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