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Mental Health Exercises


Can We Treat Mental Health Through Exercises? Let’s talk about the benefits to add into your life to improve your mental state.

What can be more challenging and more mind-blowing than to challenge yourself into a decision where you can deal with your stress, depression, family member loss, grieving and gain weight.
How can you pass over all these things, can we? It is quite hard, isn’t it? Get a cookie or two, maybe three as one of my friends said it will solve the situation?
Do you think that crying and screaming and throwing all around with words and objects will go solve the actual issue or make it disappear?
Hmmmmmmmm maybe. For a little while. 5 minutes or maybe less than that. The problems are still there.
So, get on the trail and try to get rid of it. Can you?

#1 A smooth planned routine

Ohhhhhh boy same old same everywhere on the internet your head shake and moaning. But if you do realize and get inside you for a little while, you’ll see and listen that the planned routine, the same daily routine it will bring to vibrant light to your core self.
Don’t we all want this?
Sooooo. As I’ve always shouted out e.g. in my previous article, and also it is found in one of my articles here, a good mind smooth routine will get you up and roll to go wherever you want. But firstly move, for even 5 min then fuel this unique body with the marvellous breakfast, here is just asmall tip.

#2. The therapy

When you exercise your brain recognize this as a moment of stress. Your body release chemicals called Endorphins to fight stress. These endorphins release opioid receptors in the brain. The opioid receptors are the same receptors as found in many pain killers in the pharmacy such as morphine.
However, unlike morphine, the activation of these receptors in the body does not lead to addiction. The binding of these receptors can elevate the route by reducing pain perception and therefore can get a positive feeling in the body.
Exercises have been seen to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, improve self-esteem, improve sleep all of which can have a positive effect on mental health.
A study conducted by Silva et.al (2012) on the Bidirectional association between physical activity and symptoms of anxiety and depression looked at the association of the symptoms between anxiety and exercises.
The participants take a simple questionnaire to measure their level of physical activity per week. Based on how many minutes per day and how much intensity per week, either moderate or intense activity.
Nonetheless, participants who reported 2.5 hours a week of moderate to physical activity were considered that have a sufficient level of exercise.
The study also shows that participants who practice physical activity at the recommended level were 71% more likely to have anxiety symptoms.
brain exercise

#3 Gratitude on the journal – be mindful

What can be more soul raising and lightening your day than to start your day with ……….. GRATITUDE!
In two words, you don’t need more, can change your day, life and even the evil soul. Mostly if this it will be written down into the journal.
There is no more powerful force on this planet than gratitude and if you are feeling it deeply and practising every day it will ensure you will remain in a strong and powerful positive state of mind.

#4. How to build healthier habits for your mental

The best-seller author and world wealthier recognized figure in alternative medicine, Deepak Chopra states that “STRESS IS THE PERCEPTION OF TREAT “.
Chronic inflammation is associated w heart disease, diabetes, hypotension, stroke, fight with your significant other, and compromised immune system.
The acute stress-acute immediate fear of anxiety, existential threat, in the back of the mind the fear of the dead.
The sympathetic nervous system goes overdrive, overwhelming you.
The parasympathetic nervous system can be activated through meditation, yoga Pilates through mindfulness, through that stimulate the biggest nerve, deep breathing or to engage in emotions stimulate the parasympathetic nerve.
To heal the stress you need a good nights sleep, a healthy environment, and you need to have fun. Doesn’t matter from where it is for e.g. if you have children, just go play with them, watch funny movies w them the best use of creativity is to do something different at that moment not to persist and stay into it.
healing the stress
You don’t need an overactive immune system that going back to hostilities you need a fine immune system to be able to fight any external threat.
Overall, chasing and getting back the mental health
One of the brilliant minds of our century Wayne Dyer, now no longer with us said “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change”.
Life is short and everything that is stressing about will likely not matter in the end. It takes……The heaviest of almost every problem. Let it go and focus on the things you most love to do.
Following your passion, surrounding yourself with great people, BE GRATEFUL for every day in your life for the life you have inside you and for the time you have left and make the absolutely of that time!
Feed your mind with powerful content every single day.
For instance consume as many positive, transformative, powerful self-development materials and mostly, exercise.
It doesn’t matter how and what’s matter is what you are doing. Be curious and open with self-development seek to learn and develop yourself in all your areas and nothing will ever stop you.
Soooooo, next time when you feel you can lose your way to get back the mental state get out of the house, go for a run, sweat, release that tension somewhere in a positive way. Do it daily and continue to grow your physical strength.
Do you know that your posture and physiology has also a lot to do with how you feel?
Did you know that if we are standing very tall with our shoulders back and putting a big smile on our face make us feel very different and special as we truly are then slumped over with the shoulders down and frowning? I keep saying this as in my very last article where you can read it here
Goals are very important because they clearly define where you want to go and keep you on track to getting you there. Now you know that there are ways to get back your mental health, you don’t have to stay lost and you know that next time this nothing is permanent and will pass.
Keep going and keep healthy!
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