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Today’s topic will is the Supplements Review for Cannabidioils versus Kratom.  


I think a lot of people really are not that familiar with these two compounds that are kind of like weird esoteric type things. In bodybuilding and fitness CBD oil seems to be the new craze. CBD comes from the hemp plant as we all know, we also know that in marijuana there are what we call CBD or cannabinoids oils.


CBD plant

But we also have to know that the THC which is the hallucinogenic aspect of marijuana which makes it appealing for a lot of people to smoke it or vaporize or whatever they’re doing.

Whatever they’re doing it with these days, the cannabinoids actually have medicinal properties, in the sense of creating relaxation in the body which I have been written in my previous article here.


CBD seems to be amazing natural pain killers that help with anxiety and a lot of people have been using it. The great thing is that the scientists/producers now can isolate the cannabinoids oil from the THC so that can produce a nutritional product, that’s free of any kind of drug-like effects.


CBD oil

I guess you can say in the sense that you’re not going to crash your car using them or be impaired.

We’ve been tried several different companies with different types of cannabinoids oils from the pills to a sublingual dropper under the tongue. Pills work OK as a new cannabinoids product.



1. Date Pens you can Vape



But the one I felt the most was the date pen. These little date pens you can vape



Pure CBD Vapors



Nonetheless, the stuff that you will feel will be relaxation nothing major significant. Let’s say, you take Xanax and you do not feel like it stops the pain these little pens will definitely cease. 80% of these things give you an esoteric effect.



2. Cannabinoids Supplements



Work better with people who are in chronic pain or discomfort. In other words, if You don’t have pain or discomfort or chronic pain you won’t feel so aroused. If someone lives in some kind of disruptive pain, this is the one who seems to report the best results from it.


For instance, If you have nerve pain or all-time headaches, the cannabinoids oil is probably got some good applications.



Discover your buzz with Delta-8 THC oils!



Do I think it will negatively that bodybuilding as far as building muscle and burning fat is just?


You’re not going to burn fat now if it makes you a bit dizzy when you are taking kratom. Just go to the gym, train hard as you can. The cannabinoids receptors will not be inhibiting fat loss or prevent you from putting on the muscle which is a good thing.


As we know, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen reduce the inflammatory response to the body that’s not good for muscle building.





We want that in the acute initial inflammatory response, in the muscles that we train and break down so that dividing knows as a signal there to help repair itself. The cannabinoids don’t seem to affect that inflammatory response. This is a good thing and I think that makes it something that body goal.



3. About Kratom



The chemical name of this is mitragynine with an active alkaloid from a plant from Southeast Asia, mitragyna speciosa. DEA (Department for Work and Pensions) in the US want to control this substance, which means that will be put up there with heroin, now in cocaine.


Before adding this to the controlled substance list they’ve said that to explore a little more. Because of the responses from the drug companies, DEA does not want to release anything natural.



They could possibly compete with other rival countries that sell their Oxycontin oxycodone and all the others corticosteroids that are not working because they don’t want to lose any of these profitable businesses.

They probably put a lot of pressure on the congressman to get this thing passed.

On the other hand, the science community try to help your health and feel better. Take a look at this




isn’t actually caring substances that don’t really have addictive qualities.

Experts have been said that when you take it on regular basis and you stop it, you might get a nose sniffle but that’s about the extent of the withdrawal. That tells me that it’s not addictive, not severely addicted at least maybe the feeling is addictive it might be mentally addictive but certainly not physically addictive.


Also one of the things that makes it very safe to use and a lot of people wondering how that works will be the cannabinoids. The cannabinoids receptors that create actually bind to the opioid receptors so it gives pain relief, it gives anxiety relief, but it doesn’t seems to suppress respiration.






With the opioid’s if you take too much of it people died, heroin over those, little times if you take too much you stop breathing. Basically, these supplements don’t cause the suppression of respiration, doesn’t cause constipation than a lot of the opioid dose.



4. Chronic Zen Opioids

on Regular Basis



If you ever heard about an opioid to take on a regular basis during chronic pain whether it be from back pain or whatever pain you have probably you know about the terrible side effects.


Pain addiction in this society today even in the bodybuilding world, there’s a lot of guys that could benefit from painkillers and whether they’re taking it because they’re in pain or they’re taking it because they’re in emotional pain. The problem is when they want to stop it they can’t get off it because there’s physically addicted to it so severely.


Here’s a great alternative that is naturally available and that people not going to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars a year for.


Buy Lab Tested CBD Tinctures from Green Wellness now!



like they do go in the pain clinics and going through their doctors and paint to these Oxycontin prescriptions.


Theoretically, if you’re overstimulating the opioid receptors in the brain, sometimes there’s an elevation insert and hormones that could be annihilated oestrogen, a little bit sometimes some fluid retention. And there are some constipation side effects sometimes associated with it. This doesn’t seem to be the case with this CBD OIL.


Pain Relief


The things that we’ve explored are the percentages of prize that people can get extracts that are more potent than others. But if you are in chronic pain you should rather try a fast CBD oil with the use of a small per cent on a regular basis. If you are starting with the high percentage that’s going to lead down the wrong path and not good for the body as you can become addicted to it.


Also, a lot of these, as it is all over the internet like the Percoset and the Viking ends will kill your appetite, and if you can’t eat on the body going terms you’re not going to put muscle on. I think it’s an exciting new era now.


I would love to see all-natural substances replacing drugs like the CBD that has a lot of potentials here. If you are looking for supplements with cannabinoids from the nutrition line’s perspective, you can try here, but here we’ve just recommended you.



Final Thoughts



As a really good product being sent to me that I’ve tried I think it’s both CBD black and its amino acids electrolytes in CBD powder. Once again you can try to get these vape pens with the CBD in them and they do work to a certain degree.

So if you are a person suffering from chronic pain you might want to give it a shot I know there’s a lot of body goals with back pain out there. Take a look at Ronnie Coleman who he’s been suffering tremendously with a lot of pain. You can also do a super vape pen of this stuff.


I hope you learned a little bit about the two substances that are a bit in the shadows right now but are looking to come out of the shadows. I am doing my best to inform and keep you up to date.

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