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Fitness Tracking Features, 2021


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Fitness Tracking Features, Lockdown 2021 – Focus on and get to the point to bring out the inside of the Fitness Hallmark Industry as nowhere at all have been unfolded.




To begin with the first point note, we can find whatever fitness tracking features we want when we start internet searching. Or browsing. Trying to find and bring the best and convenient products that are not very expensive is a bit more complicated than writing.


I’ve been looking for a while, almost 2 years now, to get the best features on a fitness wearable. What we looked at first was based on quality. Yes of course! But not just this was important.


Secondly, we’ve been looking very seriously into comfortability and wearability. 




 Advanced Technology day by day 



With daily Advanced Technology (A.T) you can’t keep up with diversification anymore. But hey, what is A.T.? Sounds like from out of space, isn’t it? Yeah sure, I know what it is you’ll say, again.


AT is well-defined as a new or evolving IT technology that promises the future and brings more people to use it. 


Every single day comes out a new gadget a new tracking device, a new feature, a new wearable tool, new clothing, shoes & so on.


According to Forbes  among the best 10 advanced technologies which can change and shape the future could be:


1. 3D printing and global scanning


2. artificial intelligence and machine learning


3. connected intelligent devices 



In other words, the noticeable Garmin Wearable smart devices are one of the most popular of new AT.


 Addiction to the best of the best


Most people have a tendency to move forward to the newest and best technology. Why won’t we?


It can be seen that the result is right in front of our eyes. The statistics tight the knot and reveal the latest budget trackers.


We’ve been tested and tingling some of the greatest magnificent pieces of advanced technologies, the fitness tracking features.


 1. The Inexpensive Fitbit Inspire2






2. The amazing smartwatch from AmzFit BipU

3. The multifunctional smartwatch Coros Apex


4. Unbeatable Apple tracker: Apple Watch Series 6

5. Fitness tracker for Kids Fitness FitbitAce2

6. For the Runners, the suitable Garmin for the runners 245


7.Fitness Band Xiomi MiBand

8. The robust and capable tracker with GPS, Fitbit Charge4


9. The First-Class smartwatch Garmin VivoActive 4


10. The Unique Fitness tracker for the ones who like doing extreme sport eg wingsuit but not just   Garmin VivoSmart 4

Improve your self-esteem


Nonetheless, the new 2021 century technologies improve your self-esteem and make you feel better.


For instance, prepare yourself and get dressed to work out, if you are wearing the marvellous AppleSeries 6 you will feel like you don’t need anything else. This piece of smartwatch, an amazing tech will monitor your health, heart rate, the oxygen level in the body. What’s most astonishing is that this small wondering product can even take a safe and accurate ECG which provide you peace of mind.


On the other hand, it will measure, record your daily fitness activity and your favourite workout.


What could be better than extraordinary to be on the road and have a phone call but you don’t have to rich out in the bags, pockets or pears for the phone but just to lift your hand up and answer to the ringing phone? How could that make you feel but just super amazing!


Expensive versus non or better alternatives


We all reach a point when we are not looking at the cost but at quality. while other similar products are a replica of the biggest global companies it is true that just throughout cost could gather the clients and poorly and fake adverts. 


Notably, Garmin Vivosmart Activity Tracker is one of the best things that some of us will say is a bit expensive for our budget. Well, allow me to disagree and said that there are more expensive AT devices which is not even low price as this. Why?


It can be seen that like all smart devices monitor heart rate, oxygen, monitor sleeps, distance-steps, can display texts, emails, social media alerts. 



In comparison with the other devices, this Garmin does not just bring you the world to your steps been compatible with your smartphone but let you know when you receive a notification such as a call, text, social music games by softly vibrate.



Besides keeping into account the calories intakes throughout the daily workout also with its running metrics function will help out to track anything from running to walking outdoor and because of its GPS operation, you can get an even more precise distance and statistics rate as well as a map of your activity when running or walking outdoors.



Lastly, you will never get lost as the unbeatable and well tracker GPS won’t allow this to happen.



Consequently Mi. Xiaomi Band5 Fitness Tracker is an intelligent workout bracelet that monitors the heart rate and is deeply waterproof at 5ATM with a long-lasting battery. 









After all, with its new features which implement very well the widgets for the watch face, advanced sleep-tracking, now it tracks daytime and rem phases, and also the stress measurement. Especially with the larger display which makes the notification larger, we can say is a Budget Must-have. 









Comfortability and wearability. Practicability vs costs. These are the most important things in life!



Overall aesthetically pleasing with excellent readability, great possibilities for customization. I recommend if you go for wearing a garment, go for the best.


Hence you are passionate about the smartwatch but don’t want to spend or carry out too much money then go for what your super heart or inner self guide you!



If you have any feedback about any fitness features that you have tried out or any questions about the ones that I have recommended, please leave your comments below or here





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  • Geoff

    Fitness devices have taken the world by storm.  I don’t think that there is any other device that is so popular today.

    Almost everyone I know has one.  It is a fashion item as much as anything else.  People want to be seen sporting the latest model.  And they probably don’t use half the functions!

    They certainly are an incredibly smart device that will soon be giving doctors a run for their money!

    They are a must for any sports enthusiasts.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Angell

      Hi Geoff, thank you for your comments. You are super right I believe not soon but just now this AT give the doctors a lot of troubles. I can say that although some of them are “over our budget” some people do not take this as an obstacle to buy. I know one of my relatives even though life is been so rough with him as in some poor countries and he affords to have the Apple.

  • Abel

    After this lockdown, I have been seriously considering my need to getting back into being fit. Thankfully we have the technology to aid us with this. The fitness features industry is expanding and it benefits us all.

    I really liked the Fitness Band Xiomi MiBand! It’s super affordable. Thanks for including it in this list.

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