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How To Lose Belly Fat by CT

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# Get your Stomach Thin & Fit Just by Sitting Down

If you’re looking for those great abs without doing sit-ups without getting on the ground even though you may have that back pain hips pain or even any problems can be solved by and with sitting in a chair.
 We’re going to strengthen our deepest domino coil muscle called the transversus abdominis. The transverse abdominis muscle is the most important core muscle that’s what’s going to give you that good-looking flat stomach.
This abdominis muscles
This super-deep muscle is referred to as the corset muscle and does everything, from stabilising your lower back and pelvis to holding your organs in place.
The transverse abdominis muscles compress and flatten of belly while doing sit-ups and only strengthen the outside muscle called Erectus abdominous. That’s going to give you a fine look appearance. first and most important there’s no such thing as fat reduction. Here is a book that I completely love it

 Don’t let others make promises to achieve by working your stomach in certain ways that you’re going to lose belly fat.

# A lean and Flat Stomach Starts in The Kitchen

 This means that you must have a good diet, cut out sugars, stay away from fried foods and again and exercise which is extremely important.
For the millions of people out there who spend hundreds of hours slouching, maybe looking at your smartphone, or on your computer, having strong core muscles will help your body sit more erect and stand tall with no effort.
Keep in mind that these transverse abdominance muscles are like the corset, it’s like a belt being wrapped around your abdominal region keeping you sitting and standing nice and tall.
 The other core muscles are the internal and exterobliqueues through the rectus abdominis.
This is known as the six-pack muscle as well, as the erector spinae which are the muscles that surround the spine.
Let’s briefly activate the transverse abdominis muscle:

#1. Punch in the Tummy

Imagine that someone or something is about the punch you in your tummy. The first thing you’re going to do is tighten it up. If you don’t it’s going to hurt and that’s activating that large transverse abdominis muscle.
 Do it a few times.
Just imagine someone’s about to punch you in the stomach you have to squeeze squeeze you notice all those muscles are being activated but that deep transverse abdominis muscle.
Here is the most important lesson that’s going to give you the most gain now to engage and strengthen those transverse abdominis muscles. Love how he clearly explained

#2. While you’re in a seated position

If your arms are up and hold them up as you stay tall all, just hold them there.
 Right now you’re engaging, yes you are feeling them, you never do that those muscles are working by just holding your arms elevated in this position. You can hold for 30 seconds 60 seconds 90 seconds.
Just practice this exercise just like this now as your arms stay in this position.
Then lift your knees up, both need to do 20 repetitions, and now will really engage those transversive domiciles.
Ok, let’s go….. stay up nice and tall on your chair

#3. Sit on the edge of the chair, and lift up your right hand while with the left try to catch the right hand from behind your back. Always going to have an elbow behind our heads.
Keep in mind when we lift our arms the abdominis muscle becomes more activated.
 Start out with the right elbow behind my head, and we’re going to lift the same side, the knee on the same side as we reach up.

Bear in mind when you do that exercise try to engage that core where you sit up as straight as you can so they can be activated.
 Stay on the edge of the chair reach out as you activate your core sit up straight and keep your spine as straight as you can.
 What you’re going to do you’re going to hinge at the hips headed forward and come back as you hinge squeeze those abdominal muscles hinge forward to come back. As headed forward you’re pushing your buttock backward and coming back.
Do 15 of these five hinges at the hips squeeze, and go back while the legs spread apart good you should really feel those muscles contract hinge forward hold it and come back.
That’s how much you’re working that muscle.
 Excellently done, keep going.

I dare every one of you to start doing these exercises every other day give it that 48 hours of rest because as we break these muscles down they need to repair and heal and as they heel they get a little stronger each and every time.
I promise you within a wonderful two weeks you will see great changes.
As you continue to do this these muscles deep transverse abdominis muscles are going to help strengthen and stabilize your entire lower abdominal region helping your back helping other pains and problems you are having, to help your posture. The most important thing is going to give you that flat and trim stomach that you always have been dreaming about.
OK keep in mind to cut down on those sugars refined foods and cut out those fried foods, start to do a little exercise hydrate get your rest in you’re going to see miracles,
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