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Let’s break down the BOXING WORKOUT industry




Is well-known that boxing has very ancient roots, some said to go back to Egypt around the year 3000 BC.


Then it was introduced to the Greeks in the Olympics. Further to this the bloodiest Romans were introduced to this sport in the arena to fight as gladiators. First, the gladiators were fighting with humans and later on, with big wild animals.


The founder of the boxing industry was Jack Brownton in the US throughout the Olympics, when he brought a gym for training himself. Since he started fighting the industry has grown and there was a time when he lost his games and others become champions. In England, officially boxing started at the beginning of the 1880s. At the beginning of the 19th century, the global industry of boxing workout starts to amplify all over the world.


In 1946 the International Boxing Association was established in order to help amateurs from all over the world to start training as a boxer in turn enabling fights to happen internationally.


Legendary world champion and probably one of, if not the most loved boxer of the 20th century comes in form of Muhammad Ali.

He fought for the safety and health of all boxers young and old and tried to ensure the promotion and management of boxers were carried out in a fair way in what is now a huge money-making industry.


On the other hand, Mike Tyson is known as “Iron Mike”, for his provocative challenging behaviour, the most dangerous and vicious frightening boxing style inside and outside the ring.


Although Mike was known as a real knockout machine, together with his personal boxing trainer and career manager, Cus d’Amato became the most frightening, dangerous and world re-known boxer.


Mike has given us an example of how boxing is a real full-body workout in this described video

Highly body regulated and Highly recommended


I deeply believe and highly recommend boxing to be implemented in the daily workout routine as it engages the upper and lower body.

Boxing on the bag, punching the bag with all your strength, strong and powerful, this kind of exercise allows you to stimulate the muscles, bones, fibres, and tissues in the entire body and most of all improve the skeletal structure.


After the training, you will realize that you’ll have more strength and burst than you ever had before.


However, making boxing a newly implemented exercise in the daily/weekly routine is going to help you feel more healthy, with weight loss and most of all, it will relieve the stress accumulated in the body.


Let’s be honest, as the next best thing, Boxing


Lead to Fitness Addiction.


It is enough to start practising twice per week to release yourself for instance from the stress. When you’ll realize this is really working and distressing all body, you’ll get to three times per week, then 4 and then maybe all week. This is the addiction afflicted and I can say is a good one in a good sense.


As this guru, Brian Casad in his beginner guide explained teaching





boxing as a full-body workout incorporates stretching aerobic and losing calories.

Boxing Is NOT Expensive


You Can Do it in Your Own Environment


A boxing workout by punching the bag is a good start.

OK at the first stage you have to purchase the bag and find a suitable mounting but you can find it all over the internet. I brought mine from here. It looks like this



PS. Mine looks like this


Are there other different alternatives to boxing?

Yes, of course, and obviously up there in the world are so many substitutes for workout exercises but I believe, and I am sure you will agree with me that, Boxing is an amazing powerful full-body training.



If you dare and start to implement boxing in your daily or let’s say weekly routine, give it a try for the beginning at least twice per week, then you are a MAESTRO with a powerful fascinating will!






Breaking down the cycle of tracking boxing is super good to know that everything starts from the very early stage of ………..the feeling. What a feeling, seriously cmonnnn…… you’ll gonna argue is not such a thing!


Do you feel inside something itching you so bad that you have to do something DIFFERENT? Do YOU?


It is evident that the itching feeling didn’t let you sleep, you can not concentrate to do anything well, everything is messed up and, you have to take action.

How? Cmon. Cmon?


It is true that the founder of boxing didn’t think too much when he started to punch, punch and couldn’t stop until that inside itching feeling disappear. Feeling good and relieving the oxytocin, muscles, bones articulation gratefully begin to be reborn.


We are not talking and thinking from a psychiatrist’s perspective for compassionate listening between a husband and wife. NO!


Shift attention to the quality of your breathing, which may be shallow, constricted, or laboured, especially if you’re angry, and try elongating the exhalation as much as you can.


Of course in order to start to get going in this powerful training, boxing, you will need gloves. I mean boxing gloves. I got mine from here and are not expensive at all so I can easily perform and twist my hands.


You will also probably need wrist support for both arms in time, I get mine here 

On the whole, boxing is an amazing full-body workout that gets you instantly in shape, makes your foot drills as fast as you never imagine can ever do, but all the muscles including the skeleton at work and give you the satisfaction of fulfilment, relaxation and relief.

If you have any opinion about this article or any questions please feel free to leave any comments below or at this address admin@ fitnessemporiumglobe.com.

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  • Jessie

    Thank you so much for the very informative article!  I did not know some of the history of boxing but I did know a little bit about Muhammad Ali, because he was from my home state in Kentucky I believe.  He is a legend here.  Boxing is something I would like to get into because when I feel upset, I always go to the gym and use their punching bag.  It helps, a lot!

    • Angell

      Hi Jessie, thank you for the comment. I completely agree with you, I’ve done this while I’ve been working but with this virus, everyone starts working from home so I have to change a lot. Meaning I am good in my own comfort and I get everything I need here and here

  • Geoff

    Thanks for this informative post.

    I definitely agree that boxing is a great sport for fitness.  I have never seen a boxer coming out if the ring without a sweat.

    Boxing is such a good exercise regime that its elements have been incorporated into many non boxing gyms.  With bags and sparring bring fully utilised.

    Many people see it as a dangerous, but during training this is highly controlled and there is safety equipment to protect the vital parts.

    I therefore you recommend this sport for everyone.

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