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Natural Deodorants?

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 Don’t give up! First and foremost a deodorant and an antiperspirant are two different things.
A deodorant accomplishes precisely what its name implies. In contrast to antiperspirants which completely stop sweating the deodorants it “freshens” the unpleasant odours caused by perspiration. The only component that has been shown to completely cease sweating is aluminium. All antiperspirants include aluminium and salts and their function is to block the sweat glands but not prevent any sweating at all. Yes, aluminium is efficient but it has been associated with a number of terrible ailments. Because of this a lot of us have been exploring alternatives and embracing our natural tendency to perspire while reducing the odour it produces.
Now let’s examine what’s in these deodorants to keep you smelling fresh without obstructing those.
I’m quite a sweaty person and if you’ve been reading my articles for a long time, you will know that I used to use a solid deodorant, Mitchum Ultimate Gell deodorant that works for me and keeps my place dry which is an English brand. To describe it as like being looser I found a few minutes ago that my own armpits are getting really sort of dry and itchy and I think it’s because this gel works too well.  I wanted to try some natural great to see if they would work from Italy’s sweaty body
I got Native which is a really popular natural deodorant brand, you’ve probably all seen it pop up as sponsored posts in other beauty magazines and videos.
The 2nd is Ylang Ylang Cedarwood and the last one I’ve tried is Wild.
I’m going to describe each of the brands, give you my thoughts on each of the products, and some pros and cons. If you are a leader looking into either of these brands or you’re just looking for a natural deodorant in general, hopefully, this article will help.

#Ylang Ylang & Cedarwood

Is a UK natural sustainable product that hopes to redefine the future of personal care.

The active component to neutralize and stop offensive odours a naturally occurring anti-bacterial salt, is sodium bicarbonate. The alkali PH of sodium bicarbonate helps to neutralize the acidic perspiration. Sodium bicarbonate can irritate the skin when used alone, but they’ve carefully combined it with skin-moisturizing oils and butter to ensure that it does its work without causing any discomfort to your skin.
Essential Oils: An all-encompassing and vibrant collection of essential oils has been carefully chosen based on their natural anti-bacterial characteristics, BO-busting skills, and pleasant aroma.
To reduce body odour, ylang-ylang is a favourite ingredient.  It provides the product with an appealing aroma, while cedarwood provides a woodsy counterpoint to the sweetness. Teatree, patchouli, and grapefruit are all included; all of these are excellent for battling bacteria that cause odours. Natural kaolin clay and arrowroot powder are used as moisture absorbers in deodorant to help absorb part of the perspiration. Both of these materials absorb extra perspiration while absorbing moisture. After using antiperspirants for a long time, your armpits need to be detoxified. Kaolin clay helps pull out impurities and unclog pores, so it’s ideal for this.

# Wild

 I picked up one of their start packs which came with the refillable case and I went for the purple they have lots of different colours.

The fact that it’s all refillable and this is what the deodorant looks like and you insert one of these cartridges and this pulls out the bottom and then you twist up from the bottom, very convenient. You can buy the cartridges individually and you can also set up a subscription service and can choose to have refills turn up at your door every month for two months or whatever.
 I really liked the idea of that but I just picked up the starter pack initially I didn’t go for a subscription service I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. Each deodorant refill is 45 grounds and all of these are compostable and biodegradable today.
Positives: As I mentioned I was really drawn to the fact that these were refillable, the cartridge container itself is made of aluminium and the cycle plastic; the cartridges are like cardboard inserts that will easily compostable and biodegradable all of their deodorants, are 100% vegan as well which is really great. Another priority is that it does like the deodorant itself it does keep me dry but it’s also like a really nice creamy formula so it doesn’t feel like a tug on the skin or anything like that, it doesn’t feel super dry during all. this like actually feels quite moisturising which is what I was looking for because obviously, I’ve been suffering from a really dry underarm.
Well, my favourite one so far has been the orange as I found that lasted a really long time throughout the day, The mint one is fresh like really fresh and minty but I found that the scent didn’t last as long on this one as it did on the orange one.
For me, because I am UK-based a big Pro is that I didn’t have to pay for international shipping or anything like that, the shipping was really quick. I’ve also seen that Wild is now selling in one of the UK supermarkets Sainsbury’s, which is one of our biggest supermarkets.  It is becoming more readily available and you don’t have to purchase a subscription. You could start off with this and then just go to your local supermarket and you can pick up the refills which I think is a really great idea.
 Negatives: I find that this deodorant does keep me dry but it leaves my underlying axillae very dry and really really crusty which I was not expecting. I don’t think anyone likes the feel of I don’t know what it is in here that would cause crustiness in my underarms.
Soooooooo  I’m really disappointed and my body just doesn’t seem to like this formula I don’t enjoy it it’s almost it’s crusty it flakes away It’s just really not in my experience.
 It’s a shame because I really do like the idea behind the brand I really do like that everything is sort of recyclable but I just can’t get past the fact that it leaves an underlying feeling crusty. Another thing I don’t like is that this deodorant ends up in the gaps in the packaging if you are using it just sort of smears everywhere and I’m not a fan of that. I love the idea but unfortunately, I don’t think it’s going to be a deodorant that I try again.


I first heard of this brand when they started sponsoring a lot of beauty on YouTube videos.
Native is based in America in Francisco. You can buy these deodorants separately or you can do a pack Separately. They are $12.00 each and a three-pack comes in at $30 and you’re saving $6 if you buy a multi-pack. This deodorant contains 75 grammes.
I picked up a starter pack which comes with three deodorants and I just got to pick which ones I’ll start. I wanted to try the sea salt&cedarwood and charcoal and the lavender rose and then the tangerine in citrus blossom and then separately. I also picked up one of their plastic-free deodorants and this is the charcoal one which has almost a skin man scent.
Native is a fully finished deodorant I almost finished the charcoal so much I love it and now I am currently working my way at sea salt & cedarwood.
The Charcoal Native which is a lot of deodorant in 75 grams,  I’m finding this taking me at roughly about two months to get through one which is really good. In comparison Wild which is 45 grams is taking me about a month to get through. The main thing is that it doesn’t leave my underarms crusty but I found that it does keep me dry and is able to handle light smells and things like that. I also found that I haven’t been stinky or anything like that we’ve been having some really hot weather and as far as I know I haven’t been smelling bad or anything like that.

In conclusion, it’s a definite pro for me and I really enjoyed the sense of the product because of the charcoal men’s skin smells so so good.
The native Sea salt & Cedarwood
I’m really enjoying it at the moment it’s been really nice to use during the warmer weather. The sea salt scent I can tell you definitely smells exactly like a salty sea wave and I think this is going to be really nice to use just before bed I will say or when you go out afternoon. You do get a lot of variety with natives in terms of sensuality. You can even have unscented stat which is definitely another pro because they have partnered with so many influences, especially on YouTube you can find a discount group.

That’s always good because now they have a lot of discount codes that you can use to get some money off deodorant which I think is great. Native also offer different products they’ve branched out into body washes for instance sunscreen, hand creams, shower gels, and even doing toothpaste etc etc.
They have really expanded their range to offer natural body care products which I think is great.
Wild Is a very very dry formula so much so that I find that it tugs on my skin when I apply it so it’s almost like you know you’ve gotta swipe it on your skin a few times then it warms up and then it applies easier. That’s just something to be aware of. I don’t anyone would enjoy that and it who say completely broke apart as I got towards the bottom and I believe that this one is going to do the same if I wind it up. It’s a dry formula as it gets towards the bottom and as it wears down with how you use it on your body. There sort of cracks further down towards the base and then it just fell out and I don’t think anyone will be too impressed about that.
Another counterpoint for me is that I’m based in the UK and Native is based in the US and there is international shipping to factor in. The fact that you have to worry in U.S. dollars obviously if you’re in America you get free shipping you’re paying in your own currency so that’s not going to be an issue and that is just something to be aware of. If you are based outside of the US and you want to try and get I believe that there is an international shipping cap which is good I think and it might be around $30 If you buy a pack you should be able to get free shipping.
Wrapping up with my final thoughts on each brand I have to say I have actually been using both together. I found that using the native deodorant as my base layer and then following up with Wild on top has made a really great combination and it means that I haven’t been getting the crusty in the armpits that I had experienced when using just the wild deodorant on his own.
That being said you definitely don’t need both. But you shouldn’t buy both to get them to work if that makes sense but seeing as I had both I just thought I would try them together and I actually really liked the combination.
I think in terms of the dry drought formula think needs two wins; for me personally, my skin reacts to it keeps me dry it’s not stinky or anything like that. Another pro for the native is that in a much bigger size, you get 75 grammes whereas in the wild you only get 45 grammes. However, the main cons for the Wild are that is very very dry for my little armpits and not nice on the skin. Native on the other hand is based in the US and you have to wait for international shipping if you are outside of the US but is well worth everything.
I really really do like the idea behind Wild and I think if they had a formula that was similar to Native then hands down I would go with Wild.  Like I said I like the idea of the reusable packaging, it’s zero ways and is based in the UK so it’s easier for me to get hold of. If you’re based outside of the UK it could be expensive with all the international shipping and things like that. If I had to pick one I would go with Native because allround is a formula that works and keeps marble strike doesn’t give me crustiness it doesn’t irritate my skin or anything like that
I hope this article was helpful if you are looking to try either of these brands and stop buying expensive you can see that expensive works much better than cheap.
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