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QiQong vs Yoga

Is the skilled discipline of cultivating qigong fitting life force.
Here’s your life coach to help you master your life course energy so that you can magnetise your ideal light. In this article, I’m going to compare these two practices,

#Qigong versus yoga

Now these are fairly common practise that people are doing people often ask me what’s the difference and what are the benefits of doing qigong versus yoga and vice versa. I have been practising yoga daily for about 10 years now and I’ve been practising Qigong daily as well for about seven years but just this year I got my accreditation.
Nonetheless, I have a decent amount of experience with these practices and I would say that both have their strengths and they both have their weaknesses I was going to put their head to head together in this video and compare the two practices. Most people are very familiar with yoga and usually, when people think of yoga they think of a specific aspect of yoga which is asanas practise so the practice of postures.
 Stretching the body and opening up the body and often pranayama element as well which is the breathing exercises. Typically when people talk about yoga what they talk about because yoga become very well known, it really kind of blossomed bcs there’s a yoga studio on almost every street corner now, so it’s become very popular.


Is a practice that comes from ancient China. Qi is the life force right, prana is the subtle energy flowing through the body and gong is a skill to discipline attained over a period of time.

Looks like the attainment of a school register and so she gong is the skill and discipline of cultivating cheap cold fitting lifeless right so they gave you the practice of getting in touch that light force so this is actually a very broad term that could even use be used to describe some forms of yoga much is the word yoga go means to yoke together right so it’s the union and we could even use that to describe a lot she bold practises right so the words to describe them are very vague and there’s a lot of interpretation in between but I’m going to focus on some of the more well-known aspects of these practises and compare these things.
Again most people when they’re practising yoga that doing awesome practise they’re going through the sequence of flows holding postures stretching the body breathing deeply and this is it tends to be more of a physically based practice you know because there’s awful attention involved you’re kind of using your muscles to and stretching things out opening up the body in that way in history it’s a very very beneficial practice. I’ve been doing this for years it keeps moving flexibly accusing my body healthy and feeling good. But there’s a certain limitation in yoga practice; if you’re looking for energy cultivation right and you go to yoga classes they often talk about prana flowing through the body and opening up the shockers.
It’s not usually enough to do that by simply stretching the body and visualising colours and things like that.
 There is often a much deeper aspect of energetic engagement a skill to develop and that’s where she gone comes in she gone is a purely energetic practice now I will say that there are a lot of different systems that Qigong so they are much more physically based as well much as there are more energetic systems of yoga. Typically the most well-known yoga systems are very energy very physically based so when you are practising Qigong often feel these systems opened.
 The real qigong practises involved straight cultivation of the Qi energy of the subtle energy.

There are certain engagements of the mind and body required to cold today cheap to open up the energy meridians of the body so there are all of these energetic meridians in the body there like rivers carrying the life force through the body carrying the cheaper the product and this is what we’re getting in touch with the cheat on practice and you know it’s only goals of yoga as well but it’s not as easy to get in touch with these

 When you’re doing yoga practice because again there’s a lot of physical tension involved where is Qi Qong one of the primary focuses is releasing tension from the body engaging mind and body in a way that engages the flow of Qian this often looks like these slow-motion movements but it’s much more than that. Is much more than a slow-motion movement there’s a certain internal mechanic which involves it’s called ‘soom’ seeking the Qi so you will release all tension from the body you dropped your energy into the earth. It creates this route all of your tension leaves your body use this excess energy sinks into the earth creates this route and the earth’s energy spontaneously rises back up to fill the body this news poum’ in tai chi practices.
Qigong energy fills the body with energy and that’s what drives the movements and causes the energy to flow through the body.

 Also, an important aspect of chi bold practise is the development of its called Dom TN he lowered down tien specifically there are three different major dantien centres: the belly of the heart in the head. We start with the lower doms men and this is something that’s not taught in yoga practises it’s this is a very very important aspect of energy cultivation because the Don T end in the belly centre.
 ‘The lower down tien’ is essentially the battery of your chi/qi.

How’s your chi direct your energy body and if you don’t have a battery then you have nothing to drive your car sort of speak right. If you don’t have this reservoir dantien in your belly then you do have not much Chi drive through your practice. This is why most traditional systems of Qigong development start with developing the dawn tien.
Once you have this reservoir change your belly you can start to Mobileye’s it through the body using movement breath is an aspect of Qigong as well. But it’s much different from the yoga approach.
The yoga breathing prawny elements are typically very forceful it’s deep intense breathing which is very very beneficial to your body cells.
 Don’t get me wrong but it takes little energy to breathe in and a lot of that weight.
Chi Qong breeding tends to be much more effortless, simply observe your breathing and relax your body and you trust the breathing process centred into your heart.
 It’s a different approach by forcing your body to breathe versus trusting the body to breed for itself observing and relaxing. That it can be below just these subtle differences. You already know that yoga has become so popular, especially in a kind of conscious community where people are into self-growth, into spiritual development. However, yoga as most systems teach just doesn’t it’s just very limited as far as truly developing your energy truly developing your qi if you don’t tangibly feel.
Liquid electricity blankets hot hydraulic fluid it’s very very tangible when you get in touch with it if you’re not feeling that in your practice then it means you’re not cultivating your energy simple as that so again the limitation of yoga is that is very physically based right and people often kind of transpose like Montrose and like deities and I go talking bout shoppers but you know sometimes that stop just talk if you’re not feeling the energy pumping through your body then you’re just not cultivating it you simple as that which is why I got so into Qigong practise because it honestly it seems really silly at first like how is just kind of flapping your arms around like that doing anything you know yoga is like it’s intense your breathing hard it’s much more we have such a physical bias right something has to look really like intense are cool for us to believe it’s actually doing something
 I had this bias for a long time but once I actually gave Qi Qong a chance I was completely blown away by the power of this practice again the rob cheap power that you cultivate doing Qi gong you know is incredible it feels amazing you get into this quite frankly orgasmic state where the cheese posted through your body becomes very tangible you can feel it you can feel it moving it so you know okay
 This is actually doing something I feel my qi and again you can’t really accomplish that when you’re really tense which again a lot of yoga practises are very tense based using your muscles kind of powering yourself around contention blocks the flow of cheap you know create like a like a short in a circuit the energy certain where there’s tension in the body that she cannot float freely.

This is one of the concepts of Chinese medicine is that these chronic patterns of tension lead to imbalances in the chi flow and this can often manifest his disease I think yoga is an excellent practice I think it’s a great starting point right for building discipline starts to build this mind-body connexion you start to connect with your breath and your physical body.
If you want to really take it deeper I highly recommend having a Qigong practice as well for me the two go together extremely well. I think cross-training and yoga and qigong column is a really great approach to take because again my yoga practice keeps me very flexible keeping my core strength up pause mechanic relax my mind and body possibly kind of balance my mind and body.
Whereas my Qigong practice helps me build roach power like raw energy cultivation feels absolutely incredible like it gets you higher than any drug!
Let’s be real you know when the Qi flows through your body or opens up all these channels it puts you in an altered state that feels absolutely incredible. There are a lot of other benefits of Qiqong eg health benefits. There are a lot of health benefits to yoga increases in your circulation prove the health of your organs or digestion and qigong has allowed these same benefits as well.
In fact, one major benefit health benefit of qigong is that it improves the oxygenation of your blood significantly doing Qiqone practice has been shown to oxygenate the blood even more than doing cardio exercises, such as running. Because these slow-motion movements allow the circulation to increase without placing an excess toll on the heart has to work really hard doing cardio and sometimes release cortisol. Another benefit achievement as it moves the lymphatic system there is not a lot of practises that move the length to it requiring slow motion and relaxed movements.

These are some of the health benefits which in my opinion are much more superficial compared to the very deep raw energy cultivation you know blows you off your feet and sends you to Pluto levels of energetic high it’s absolutely incredible it’s better than drugs and that’s why I did she going every day because it gets me high naturally one other point I want to make there is some yoga systems that are well known that are a bit more energetic such as kundalini yoga

# Kundalini yoga

Opening up the spinal fire path of energy to rising that energy of the body involves very intense breath work and often intense physical motions as well.
 A life force energy of the spine blasted out the crown and you get really high for this practice and it does get you in touch with an energetic experience. But the difference between this approach and QiQong will say is that the Qiong and Tai chi approaches are pretty tight. Yoga is basically an advanced version of QiQong which does have martial arts applications.
But first and foremost isn’t nearly a cultivation system the difference is that Qigong is tight and a full body activation of energy activating your arm channels. You’re activating your leg channels usually standing in Qigong, you’re connecting with that earth’s energies. A lot of the yoga practises where you only focus on this spinal fire path actually can deplete your vitality and it tends to burn the adrenals, burn the kidney essence not to power these high spiritual states of mind.
When I started practising Qigong I found that I got that same kind of energetic high state but it was very grounded and it felt nourishing to my body.  I was much more grounded when I started doing the Qigong but I could still tap into these high states again because you open the leg channels, you open the arm channels, you get this full body activation of blissful powerful column grounded energy universes yoga-like when you really get that upward energy flowing you become very spaced out sometimes you have a hard time relating to the physical realm.
Qigong tight cheats like you get the full package you get massive bursts of energy but it’s grounded you could still live a life here in the third dimension right without people thinking here’s some weirdo.
These are just some of the differences in comparison between my personal experience and qigong. I think they’re both great practices but again yoga is more in line with the physical body, physical development of the body where Qiqong takes it to the next level,
 When you start to really develop your energy body directly, connect with an experience of channelling throughout your body and it’s absolutely incredible. Thank you for reading and being here I hope you’ve enjoyed it checkout my chi gong.
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