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Strength Training to Yoga

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In this article, I’ll bring you up to date on how to supplement your yoga routine with strength training.
Let’s take a live example.
As an over 50 years person who has been suffering from injuries over the past several years, this past 3-to 4 years have seen I have seen more injuries in my body than I’ve had throughout my entire career. Because of this, I’ve had to do things a little differently and so this final form by 40 protocol that I’ve been developing has seen some evolutions. Also I’ve had to make some changes in the way I do things in order to accommodate basically my new body right after tearing both biceps, tearing my Achilles tendon, losing muscles all over the body etc etc
I’m not the same and that means I gotta do things a little differently this year has given me the opportunity to try things out test things out and experiment with a lot of things. I think is cool for you because you get an opportunity to see number one what it’s like to experiment with a myriad of different training modalities.
 Earlier this year I jump right back into getting my most fit thinking in terms of aesthetics by body mind spirit and I use this well-being-building protocol for I think maybe the last 7 years.
What I want to share with you right now is the phase of the programme that I had been developing post my workout fitness phase. Since September October November now we’re in June which I have been formulating that combines both my experience with yoga since 2011 as well as my 3139 almost 25 years of strength training. I really had to take tune blending them so that my joints continue to still feel good and that I don’t have the muscular imbalances causing me all the pain that was associated with hitting the weights straight hard and angular as I had done for many years.
 The other thing I want to share with you and then give you the opportunity to learn a little bit more. So what we’re going to be talking about is how I have been developing and using a system I call Supplement Yoga. As I said for the past three months or so. I have been developing this and this is basically the plan that I’ll be following right up to my 55th birthday and you’ll see how that’ll work out with my expectations and goals for that now just to come full circle.
 I had suffered from a myriad of injuries from 2010 right up until 2017 that I’ve had to allow myself to heal from and in all that healing I also wanted to remain fit I wanted to remain healthy, and I wanted to exercise.


In order to keep my training routine consistent throughout this time of injury healing, I brought yoga into my routine.
 Some of the things I experienced through these it was almost two or three years that I did almost exclusively yoga.


Another thing that I wanted to be able to improve during this time off while I was healing my injuries is my flexibility, my mobility is as big strong and powerful as I’ve always been as a pro-strongwoman and things like that mobility have oftentimes been a challenge for me.

# Flexibility & Mobility

 I go by mobility I’m not talking about old people being able to get out of their chairs and walk up the stairs. I’m talking about being able to kick high, to be able to move in a functional fashion. it allows me to be as athletic or more athletic than I had been as a youth being able. To have a full range of motion throughout each of the joints, particularly the shoulders and socket joints.

Flexibility and mobility is the problem or definitely some of the first things that start to go away. As you mature along with your cardiovascular capacity, strength happens and we want those things that you can act you could maintain for a very very long time. I know a few people who are you know in their 60s and their mobility is very weak. This is why I chose to dive into yoga and then bring it into my routine as we do now kinesthetic awareness.

 # Kinesthetics Awareness

 It literally means knowing where your body is in space having a physical awareness associated with where you are, what’s behind you how to move and how to proceed so can’t let me give you. A good example of that is at Christmas just passed and this Christmas word our new home for the first time I’m putting up Christmas lights and I got to put up Christmas lights put them up all over the house I don’t up on the top of the house and in order to get him up there I got to climb this tricky have a ladder.

 As I’m climbing the ladder and while I’m up there my awareness’s super heightened because I got to reach up in order to put some things up on the wall or I got to like take things out of my pocket. All of that requires a tremendous amount of balance, focus attention a kinesthetic awareness.
 If you want to be able to do stuff right which you know in our societies a little weird like we don’t need to do stuff that much any longer a lot of times. For example, I’ve been doing a lot of gardening around my house, I’ve been hauling stuff and all these things require stability.
 Focus attention on kinesthetic awareness it is the function by which we all as human beings can do what we need to do and it’s fun and different.
What is kinesthetic awareness again?

# To Use the Body in a Very Angular Fashion Way.

 I know how to do these things I teach people how to do these things I don’t want to say that I’ve mastered yoga but I know quite a bit about it. Because I was interested in learning something different and something fun and when I discovered the type of yoga routines………booooom.
It’s like somebody would enjoy doing and at the same time, it was very very very very different from fitness or aerobics or stretching. In terms of contrast strength, fire yoga is water it is just so different that I wanted to have that experience on the other end of the spectrum. These are the reasons why I began yoga and they offer insight as to why and how I integrate it into my hybrid yoga routine.

Before I move on to what hybrid yoga is and how to do it and share with you some of my routines I want to mention a big mistake that I’ve. That was doing yoga only. It was a mistake because I was healing from injuries I did want to dedicate myself to something new and so I dropped strength completely. I stop strength and at first, it was great I was increasing in all of these capacities but a lot of the things that I was losing were my power, my stability, and my strength in my aggression.
 Yoga is everything in life, is everything in the 3D World, everything that we experience in this world of duality, has its male and female parts like daytime is male and night times female, everything can sort of boil down to those zeros and one’s digits male, female, women, men.

In terms of well-being and natural complementary movement, yoga is my nature yoga disorder cooled me down a little bit and it got to the point where I was a little bit too cool when I was uncomfortable being.
Hybrid yoga very simply is yoga combined with strength training. Yoga is very circular and lifting very angular and so the benefit of doing these two is. I’ll start with a circular. First of all your ball and socket joints, your shoulder joint right we’ve got this 360-degree capacity and then you can move forward and back.
Bay then I gotta be able to take this leg here and reach I got to get that knee up high so they can reach that’s only available through these magnificent ball and socket joints.  If you do some press help maintain strength and size in the shoulders but also work that ball and socket capacity. By the sort of doing like these circular movements with my dumbbells but for the most part, we ain’t doing that right and it’s okay as we want to build that power in this direction right

# Combined practice

If the everyday Step you take is painful in your dread movement of any sort if you’re not sleeping well if you are you know if your joints hurt then that’s a symptom of overtraining which means that you probably push yourself too hard but the bottom line here is soreness is normal and if you avoid working out whenever you’re sore especially if you’re new you’re probably not going to get the results that you want and not nearly as quickly as you could
 I’m a huge proponent of workout well-being training and yoga I probably and that has been the basis of my workout programme for over the last fifteen years. I’m a huge opponent of this and I recommend it to everybody who asked me.
If you do too much Training and your body aching means that you probably push yourself too hard.
The bottom line here is soreness. Is normal and if you avoid working out whenever you’re sore especially if you’re new you’re probably not going to get the results that you want and not nearly as quickly as you could. To be clear soreness is fine, I’ve worked through it. Personally, I’m a huge proponent of strength training and yoga and that has been the basis of my workout programme for over the last five years.
 I’m a huge opponent of this and I recommend it to everybody who asked me for workout training and precisely the weight training is fantastic for building more muscle.
But yoga and in particular what I do and if you want to build a solid foundation of flexibility mobility balance strength basically just make sure you have a really strong foundation of fitness that can then be applied to any type of workout especially weight training.

# Here are some myths which I believe you will enjoy very very much and take advantage

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