About ME

   This…………………………………………………………………. is ME.
At FitnessEmporiumGlobe.com we are focused to make humanity understand the significance of regular body movement and how it can help with losing weight, and increase the strength of the bones and muscles in the body. 
Throughout workout exercises, we cherish and take care of our physique. Obviously, like everyone else, I am wild about money, and the feeling of security it gives. 
 I looove to help everyone and every living being. I cherish this body that has been given to me and I make everything for its well-being. I like exercising in my own comfort every single day. In the past, I’ve taught yoga, fitness, and pilates.

Just finished my second degree in Health. I have never judged people based on their studies. Of course, education is a real matter in this material life. 
However, the attributes that define the character are behaviour, unselfish actions, compassion, courage to speak up for your own kind and gratitude for your existence & every living being on Earth.
But the most significant attributes and important qualities, a human being could ever have are character, behaviour and, the soul.
I understand now why I am here. To learn and carry on the knowledge I gather in this life to help others learn from my knowledge. 
Loving the body and the other light souls is the only important thing on this Earth. Wish I could say differently but this is true. Because of this, I’ve done everything for the well-being of this body. Well, at least I’ve tried to do.
Now, I’ve started this site in order to make people understand the significance of regular exercise and how the body can benefit from just 10-15min/per day of anything, even walking your pet. Here you can start your own online business with no money upfront and here, you can see all the welfare and benefits of daily movement.
Why I Want To Help People
I believe the purpose of this life is to make others understand the benefits of exercise for the body. As we are spiritual being living a human experience, we have to do everything in our power to keep this body going as long as we can without any interruption or damage. After all, we only have just one body and one life!
The Goal OF This Site
I will make people understand how every muscle in the body is fantastic and important and what significance it plays for the well-being of the body.
The purpose of this website is to make humanity understand the significance of regular body movement.
For instance, movement can make you feel happier, can help with losing weight, and can increase the strength of the bones and muscles in the body. Also can increase the level of energy, can faith against chronic diseases by raising the autoimmune system, and can help with brain and memory health.
Through this knowledge, I believe I can make humankind simply get the best for their health and well-being.
I work from home every day, I work hard but hey! One thing I know:  I have control over my life and I am no anymore anyone’s servant!
Now I can enjoy travelling which I love so bad, exercising every single day, playing with my untired furry boy and eating healthily.
Most of all, I have all the time in the world to spend free with my family!
I hope that it has helped you out and decide what you want to do next in your life!
FitnessEmporoiumGlobe is for everyone who wants to be their best, authentic self. Join me and be your own Boss and authentic Self!
This is not just a blog, We are building a community!

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