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BODY SCULPTING WORKOUTS. This fat incinerating body sculpting workout combines warm-up, cardio, toning, cool down. From the beginner to Intermediate and lastly to advanced with just simple, non-complicated equipment such as light hand weights.


Obviously you want to know what is it?


Let’s start with the beginning.


REMEMBER: If other people can do it, YOU CAN DO IT too!


STOP FINDING EXCUSES, as Arnold said here





All you need to start is will and determination.


Are you ready for a 15-minute fat incinerating workout?



home workout




Start to warm the body from the top. Have background music on to energise you into moving, not sleeping.


Put yourself into a relaxing position, spread the legs a bit wider than the shoulders.


Bend the head to the right side looking over the shoulder 5 times.


Bend the head to the left side, look over the shoulder 5 times.


Bend the head back slowly and then come back in the straight line with the spine 5 times.


Bend the head into your chest, up and down, shoulders relaxed 5 times.


From this position with the head down start to rotate the head clockwise on the right side 5 times.


From this position with the head down start to rotate the head clockwise on the left side 5 times.


Start rotating the shoulders backwards 5 times – better to do with the weights. Eg 2 x 2kg, one in each hand.


Rotating the shoulders in front 5 times.


Shake the legs.


Hands in front of you as you hold a ball, and start rotating from the right to the left 10 times.


From this position, the right-hand goes over the head on the left side and the left hand goes over the right side 10 times. Relax and shake the legs.


Bend the arms and lift the opposite knee. Right arm with left knee and left arm with right knee 10 times.


As the legs are still spread apart, put the hands a little bit above the knee and mime as you are sitting down on the chair 10 times.


From this position, turn your right toes into the forward position and start to balance the body on the right side then come back in the straight posture 10 times.


Same on the left side 10 times.


Spread the legs furthermore and bend towards until you reach the floor with your hands. Shake the head a few times.


Sit on the floor straighten your feet, try to reach your toes with your hands. but if you can’t, don’t get down to breaking your back, just remain where you are.


With the hands straightened forward try to breathe and lift your shoulders up until you count to 5 then release repeat 10 times.


On the right side, bend the left knee and the right leg lift it up at 90 degrees pushing out with your heal 10 times. This is a very good exercise that straightens your muscles and reduces your hips. Relax.


On the same side, lift up the right leg at 90 degrees 10 times.  Relax.


Still, on the right side, bend the right knee the same as the left one and lift up the bent leg at 90 degrees 10 times. Relax.


Turn on the left side, bend the right knee and lift up the left leg at 90 degrees pushing out with your heal 10 times. Relax. This will stretch the ligaments and leg muscles.


On the same side, lift the left leg at 90 degrees 10 times. Relax


On the left side, bend the left knee to be the same as the right leg and lift up the left leg at 90 degrees 10 times. Relax.

Laying totally on the back, try lifting both legs up as much as you can above the head 5-10 times.


Turn on the belly, push yourself up a bit staying in the plank pose, on the hands with the legs slightly apart – the same as your shoulders. SPINE should be in a straight line. And here is something to grow your muscles after this burning workout 


REMEMBER! 10-20 breaths.  Relax.


As you come down slowly from this position with the straight hands pointed forth, push the but backwards as to sit on it.


Bring the hands next to your knees and head inside as in the picture. Some of us know it as a child pose/Balasana. Relax. 30x  breath.

child pose






This is it!


you did it


I would love to hear and read your thoughts and experiences relating to women’s fitness workouts. Let me know what you think, please by leaving a comment below.











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I feel awesome in my skin and I love to be here, on Earth! I love all animals. And I love to take care of this body the only one I will ever have. Obviously, as everyone else I love money, and the feeling of security gives. I looove to help everyone and every living been. This was until I get half-century. I am here because I can't be any more anyone's slave but JUST MY OWN boss. In my life I got enough bullying, discrimination and persecution. Enough is enough! Anyone should respect the piece of God/Universe I am! I understand now why I am here. I am here to learn and carry out the knowledge I gather in this life. To the higher self! Loving the body and the other light souls is the only important thing on this Earth. Wish I can say different but this is true. Because of this, I've done everything for the well-being of this body. Well, at least I've tried to do. I cherish this body that has been given to me and I make everything for my well-being. I lionize exercising in my own comfort every single day. In the past, I've taught classes like yoga, fitness and pilates. You don't have to look like a top model or VIP as J.LO to be able to do this, no no no!


  • Geoff

    Thanks for bringing us this straightforward workout.

    It really can be done by anyone and anywhere.  

    I love the step by step instructions, as half the time I get lost and haven’t a clue what to do with other instructions.

    You have left me with no excuses now as to why I don’t exercise more often. Perhaps I shouldn’t be thanking you after all!!! Lol

    • Angell

      Hi Geof, I can say you are perfectly right, no one has any excuse to move/exercise the body for at least 15-20 minutes per day.

      Perfectly right.

      However when I say “move” the body, I didn’t mean moving from down to the ground floor to watching the TV, I’ve mean exercise in the way that you are gonna put your body muscles & bones in motion.

      Thanks for your replay and sharing your story.

  • Paolo

    During this pandemic, I brought home some workout gadgets. Most sculpting classes use weight bars, exercise bands, or dumbbells, or a combination of these gadgets. I find performing traditional weight-training moves in a class setting always relaxing. Thank you for forgiving us this set of exercises in this post. I’ll try them out.

    • Angell

      Hi Paolo, you are very welcome this is my pleasure to share with you from my knowledge. If you’ll like I can give you a link to my mentor here he’s so good trust me, I start from scratch with him and I’m still doing even now after so many many years. I wish a lot of luck and success within WA

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