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Fitness Food for Brain

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Fitness Food In Depth



Have you ever wondered how it is I know all about healthy, fuel for power, strength and stronger body functions.



Exercise for Brainpower



There are no magic pills to stop cognitive decline but the statistics show us that the physical benefits of exercise are well-known for improving brainpower.


On the other hand, exercises improve mood, and sleep, and reduce insomnia, stress and anxiety. 


A well-known neurologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital,  Dr Scott McGinnis explained in his studies that if you are taking part in a regular daily program for 6 to 12 months it can be observed and associated with an increase in the volume of selected brain regions. 


#1. Tai chi – enhances cognitive degeneration, especially for those over 49 years old



Tai chi


#2. Walking fast



#3. Pilates 


#4. Stair Climbing 


#5. Swimming 





#6. Dancing 





7. Household Cleaning



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The Effects of the Nutrients on the Brainstorm


In China and India, traditional herbal remedies such as Bacopa Monnieri have been recognized with cerebral improving effects. Unmeasurable, Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba are shown to give the most amazing results!

Haskell et.al. (2007) state that besides the often usage of glucose and caffeine, the other significant beverages in reducing mental collapse are caffeine-bearing plants such as guarana which have been shown to enhance intellectual.


According to other studies, the use of nicotine is another example of reducing cognitive deterioration and is supposed to help the body with attention and memory (Warburton (1992), Valentine and Sofuoglu (2018)). 


Although the opinion is widely spread, alcohol plays a significant role in the creative processes and memory (Jarosz et.al. 2012).

Did you know that studies find that there is a direct correlation between nutrition and brain size? I bet you didn’t! 


To put it more simply everyone understands, that there is a strong significant difference which shows that what we put in our bodies, what we choose to eat, to dress and even our behaviours are already written in our DNA. Also, researchers discovered that even a small change in our diet can have large effects on our reproductive system.


Really? How so? You’re gonna start being sceptical and of course, you won’t believe me. It is 100% Real!


In 2007, Gibbons described in his book that larger brains are associated with the growth of cooking skills, access to food, exercise such as running and walking and also being economical. These highlights are directly correlated with mental deterioration.

But this connection and the straight association between small and large brains have also revealed that without a daily regular consumption of healthy nutrients, Omega 3 is not so beneficial.


Why? Nonetheless, the most abundant fatty acid found in the cell membranes of the brain is Omega 3, called also DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) but unfortunately, the human body is not capable of synthesizing it. 


However, with age and ongoing climate change, Omega 3 decreases more and more and makes us totally rely upon manually increasing it with tablets.




Or by the daily consumption of fish. Do you eat fish every single day?



Food for Thoughts


Let me give you one good reason for healthy eating!

The rationale is this: it will prolong the life you always desire!

 Mostly it will boost your memory and increase brain activity through concentration and focus. For instance


  • Fish that contain Omega 3 oil (or 1 tablet/day)


  • Brocolli which contains the best antioxidants, Choline and Vitamin K help the brain with strengthened abilities and  memory loss


  • Beans &Oatnot just any beans, green beans and especially the leaves -are very rich in B vitamins which help with memory, and feeling full faster despite staying for 2-3 hours in the digestive system. Ohhhh your brain will be so happy!


  • Dark chocolatestudies show that eating it will boost blood flow to the brain and give you a happy feeling


  • Coffeeohhhh yeah, coffee protects you against mental diseases like Alzheimer’s and increases melatonin, improves learning, vigilance and mostly, mood


  • Turmeric, Pumpkin Seedswill enhance memory, help new brain cells to grow, and ameliorate depression by boosting serotonin and dopamine. Zinc which is found in pumpkin seeds is the key to nerve signalling, thinking skills and increasing memory


  • Avocados and berries help with healthy blood flow = healthy brain circulation


All this will do more than increase brain activity, and functions and, most of all, it will make you feel better day by day release the accumulated stress, anxiety, and frustration and the higher increase your lifespan! You can check one article which explains diet, and proper nutrition here.




Overall it can be seen and read and found all over the internet, in newspapers, with friends, family & so on which and what is the best thing to do to increase the brain memory, to increase the lifespan and to stop the body from age.  

The question is: are we doing, are we eating and acting for the benefit of this unique body the only one we will ever have? Do you?



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It is hard work to be in this body but………….is really worth it, trusts me!



If you have any feedback about this composition that you have endeavour or any queries except the ones that I have recommended, please feel free to leave any comments below or here!


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