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Tips for Fitness Diet by CT

The internet world is shouting out about what we eat and how to maintain body weight without getting fat.


Diet or not, you should know that if you are in the over-40 age bracket, most people will want to try and maintain the same weight. By eating a balanced and healthy diet, one rule is that you should never eat after 7.00 pm. Ohhhhh and why not you ask?

From my own experience I have to write down and make a statement with the promise that if you’ll keep a hold on to these tips, you’ll never gain more body fat weight.


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Tips, what tips? I keep researching and reading about diet tips to lose weight and all are the same, you’ll say in your mind.

This is my promise & swearing to you that if anyone follows these TIPS, your body will remain the same even after 10 years.

1.     Soon as you wake get out of bed and boil the kettle then add 2-3 lemon slices with ginger or, just lemon.




3.     At lunchtime eat like a king.

DO NOT COMBINE meat with potatoes, flour, or sugar. Try to add greens every now and then with your meal. Grill, oven bake but do not fry. However, if you are really eager to fry, try to do it in OLIVE Oil. You can unleash your imagination on how to combine everything to make a gorgeous meal and most of all, HEALTHY!


4.  DO NOT eat anything after lunch. Have water, no alcohol, no seeds no fruits, no chocolate or cereals.

5. The afternoon snack should be after 1 and 1/2 hours after lunch. Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, dried fruits, fresh apples, kiwi, grapes, and watermelon are the most indicated.


6. Dinner shouldn’t be later than 7.00 pm. Fresh fruits should be your dinner. Nothing with sugar, no alcohol no seeds no nuts.


7. Although if you make a late-night snack, you should aim for something healthy like fresh fruit for example yellow apples, or Melon.


DO NOT EAT BANANAS, GRAPES or fruit with high sugar content after dinner. It is true that all fruits contain natural sugars but avoid ones with high levels as these are no good for indulgence at nighttime!


8. After 5-6 days with this diet, you can spoil yourself as also described here https://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/2016/06/23/this-is-why-treating-yourself-to-bad-foods-is-totally-okay or here. I completely recommend getting Dr Peter J. D’Adamo’s book.

But again, be aware of the nighttime and 7.00 pm.


9. Is well-known that fasting or dieting for more than 5 days can fight disease and faint ageing. Science shouting all over the internet https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2017/02/five-day-fasting-diet-could-fight-disease-slow-aging


10. One of my favourite cereal bars without bad sugars is the brand “Nakd”  just natural and delicious which I do deeply recommend  https://eatnakd.com/products/drizzled-chocolish/double-chocolish/


Click here if you want to take yours


The best cereal bars without any form of sugar in their ingredients is called FIBROBAR which is hard to find outside of Europe but you can find it here


My recommendation for this diet fitness and if you really care and love this unique body which I bet you do very much you’ll do everything to have the advantage and please try to keep it healthy. Also, there is another article with much more information about the healthy diet/fasting/regime here.



P.S. If you  rejoice this article and if you have any questions about……or what to leave your personal review please feel free to leave a comment below


To your well being,






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