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Sugar is Poison

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If you don’t believe me have a look and listen to the world renewed doctors, technicians, mentors
In one of his webinars, Robert Lusting MD professor at California University stated that they’ve identified the central problem of this entire thing: liver fat.
The question is why is it that? We had never heard of fatty liver disease before 1980 and now 45% of adults and 25% of children, not obese adults, not obese children all adults and children now have a disease that didn’t even exist 50 years ago.

And children don’t drink alcohol, children consume something that is just like alcohol and that is sugar!
Sugar without the whole is virtually identical as far as the liver is concerned with the alcohol. The big difference between sugar and alcohol is that for alcohol the liver does the first step of metabolism which we grew and until we fix this problem nothing else is going to work.
In one of his studies, professor Lusting and his colleagues took 43 children from their clinic with metabolic syndrome. In the study we put the kids into the metabolic ward with different diets for ten days; what they did was how consuming on their home diet they studied them on their home guide then for the next nine days we catered their meals with no added sugar.
#1. They’ve given the kids fruits, the only sweet thing. Now to hold your calories a day out of kids’ diets take 350 estimated from fruit fructose if you do that number when they’re going to be hungry
#2  The kids are going to lose weight. they didn’t want this because if they lost weight they got better. They had to substitute the sugar with something else that was caloric equivalent. They’ve given the kids refined starch in the vernacular, taken the pastries out, put the labels and took the sweetened yoghurt out, put the baked potato chips away, took and give the chicken rakhi to help dogs, they’ve given him Safeway through no added sugar fruit.

The 2 Molecules

Sugar, dietary sugar, the sweet stuff you put in your coffee those crystals are 2 molecules.
 One is called sucrose and the other is the laevulose coast under the fructose name we all know.
 Sucrose is life’s energy, and every cell on the planet burns glucose for energy. Sucrose is so important that if you don’t consume it, you feel down, but everybody makes it out of proteins. The fact is you will always have a serum glucose level that basically doesn’t have any carbohydrates and doesn’t have any fields to grow. In carbohydrates is still a certain glucose level because you can make fructose, that sweet molecule of sugar which is a different kind of sugar.

There’s no biochemical reaction in any vertebrate that requires dietary fructose. All animal life happens and is actually metabolised like fat but it is completely unnecessary. Glucose will stimulate insulin release response and that’s not a word because insulin release will drive energy into fat cells and increase weight gain and that’s what they’ve leveraged.
On the other hand, fructose, because it gets stuck in the liver and clogged get insulin resistance through two different things:
#1. Insulin secretion
# 2. Insulin release called insulin resistance
They are not the same.
Insulin release will cause weight gain insulin resistance will cause heart disease diabetes Alzheimer’s cancer and virtually all of the other chronic metabolic diseases that are chewing through our entire healthcare system.
Insulin resistance is a bad good in creation.
That is basically what we’re talking about when we’re talking about the scale, insulin resistance is what we’re talking about in the doctor’s office but eventually though if you have enough other restarting secretion even if you don’t have refined sugars you will see an increase in insert resistance. Because you’ll face more and more insulin the cells become resistant and this has a unique effect on the body.
The other day I heard Richard Johnson on the podcast talking about the data for pros and cons. He mentioned the drop of uric acid, meaning uric acid as a result accelerator insulin resistance and chronic illness. The single biggest driver of our exorbitant healthcare costs claiming health globally of all of our chronic diseases, heart disease cancer diabetes dementia even depression more and more are driven by instant resistance.
If you look at the science of this insulin in its resistance is really the science of chronic disease, the signs of ageing in the science of death. In fact, insulin resistance is the central problem in all of these chronic metabolic diseases!
 Because insulin resistance is a manifestation of mitochondrial dysfunction burning factories inside each of our cells and when our mitochondria work efficiently we are healthy our blood glucose is not very very much our weight stays stable we feel good and we can sleep well and all is right. Within the world and as soon as our mitochondria don’t work well all hell breaks loose and we get all of these chronic diseases and we feel like crap etc etc and we end up starting to have to take medicines in order to try to make our mitochondria work better.
Because we don’t have a medicine to make our mitochondria work better even though the medicine can actually get to where the problem is, what’s wrong with the mitochondria and how do you fix it that’s basically what this whole story is about.
Let’s talk about how we diagnose insulin resistance.
 To self-diagnose is really important because your doctors are missing 90% of it because there’s no simple drug for it. The major things that are a little bit confusing

#1. You can be metabolically normal obese

 meaning you’re overweight but not normal and I think that’s a small number of people.
You can be metabolically obese and normal weight like these people from India and China they can be on their BMI their body mass index is normal but they’re still diabetic and that’s dangerous. In fact in some studies that may be more dangerous than being overweight than about unhealthy.

#2. The overweight metabolically obese and obese patients

Of these different categories where some are genetics which have a lot of variations but can’t know until you pass. Now who can explain to us how we can understand what’s going on in our bodies and how we test for this phenomenon that is driving all these diseases for which we’re taking?
So many medications that aren’t really working but we’re just managing the disease and they’re not actually treating the problem but just the patient’s previous symptoms. The problem of course is that your doctor has access to all of this if you don’t. We all need to comprehend how it makes that protein less flexible and makes that protein end up being recycled it. But we all should teach our doctor what to do and how would that be good for us.

 The bottom line

The FDA is not doing anything that’s what it comes down to. The FDA has become more of the fma, the Federal medicines association. The Food and Drug Administration has been a terrible disservice to all countries. How and why did they do that?
The first reason is that $56 billion a year in tariffs on processed food when they’ve sold our food of the world to the federal government in other words this is part of their money stream and basically sucking on each of the food industries and so is how the government makes its own money.
The second reason which I think is a bigger problem is food subsidies. Not everybody believes this but I think that food subsidies are sort of the reason why we have this problem in the first place and why it’s being driven we subsidised corn wheat soy sugar. In fact we’ve been subsidising sugar since the union’s inception in 1790. It is the second oldest piece of legislation on the row post-constitution 1790 we have been subsidising sugar. We’ve also been taxing that we do both which makes even less sense point is the food industry with its processed food for people because of subsidised food since they’re basically getting a kickback getting a rebate for using those corn wheat soy sugar all those are the bad guys.
The bottom corners are the ones in the range of Soy and Omega and of course the gluten. We’re subsidising all the things that are killing us and we have all along and we have since 1933 the original films though the very first phone bill came out in 1933 and the impetus for that 1933 fan built was the depression and the Dust Bowl of 1932 and we had a destitute population in the stricken southwest that was dying.
We both heard the problem was that if you check the food which has been growing in the Midwest northeast and you put it on railroad cars and shifted to the southwest by the time it got there be rancid. So the way to stop it from being rancid was to the fibre ties it to basically move to process it to mostly packet into big 10-pound bags of flour and then ship it on the railroad cars and bake it up.
I believe you know local Es and you don’t want that worked we saved the entire destitute population then came World War Two and we needed it even more. Because we needed to feed the soldiers in the field. Then came 1946 and the war was over and the depression was over the Dust Bowl was over and we should go back to square one we should have gone back to the previous but hey people figured out how to make money from this. But instead of taking away a policy that didn’t work we’ve doubled, and we doubled down again double down again and then went down.
In 1971 Richard Nixon said no food is processed but still fluctuates and we need to make food shape. Nixon told his agriculture secretary to basically make food cheap and then he went to the heartland of risk at Kansas and Iowa and he said three things row for the for all get bigger get out spectre go home.
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