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Spiritual Awakening

Have you noticed unusual changes in your body recently? These changes might be more than just random occurrences they could be signs of a spiritual awakening a profound process where your inner self-reliance with a higher state of perception. More people around the world are experiencing these transformations reflecting a significant shift towards heightened awareness and spiritual growth. These symptoms are not just physical but also emotional and mental each playing a crucial role in your spiritual journey. We will discuss everything from unexplained physical links and changes in sleep patterns to altered eating habits.

We often declare that we don’t want to get sick, but the mind is so powerful that it can make us sick. However, it is also powerful enough to heal us. Dolores Cannon (DC), may she rest in peace, discovered a method to instantly heal any disease or illness. She witnessed miracles in her office every day and wanted to teach this method so that everyone would understand how important the mind can be in healing.

Use Your Mind

 I knew this for a very long long time and DC certified how important and powerful our mind is that we are a great and powerful creature, that the idea is you’re more than just a physical body you have such wonderful capabilities and now is the time to bring all of this back and to show other people how we can do it ourselves/help and how we can use the power of the mind.
Many of us are still taking baby steps into the metaphysical world and have to do it gradually.
You know In the 60s no one knew about reincarnation, metaphysics was unknown to the new age and no one would have heard of that.
When I started my life questioning’ there was so so much aleatory information out there that I went back a long time to the library for my research to notebooks, and books, university papers and tapes detailing the hypnotist and what had been done.

DC said that she found/discovered a way for us to heal instantly anything absolutely anything, any disease any illness everything. This is a really really fricking crazy discovery but yet very very true!
Undoubtedly we all are a great and powerful creature we should never ever be sick. The importance of how we could use our mind and how powerful our mind is. Because the body is a miraculous machine that’s been created and perfected to take care of itself and heal itself if we don’t get a flair/virus. I found out that if we have any kind of illness or something we have done ourselves meaning we make ourselves sick!
If you can make yourself sick it’s also powerful enough to heal yourself. DC throughout hypnosis finds out why a person does this to himself that we’re more than just a physical body, we have such wonderful capabilities and now is the time to bring all of this back to show other people how we can cure ourselves, how we can use the power of our mind.

To put this in simple words it’s no longer a pipe dream it is really happening: if you find your passion you find what you’re really supposed to do, what you’re here for you don’t get sick and you don’t age. Because you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing and you’re happy doing it. However, you never know what kind of a plan or contract you have made on the other side before you come into this body host and don’t try to get out of it too soon for the reason that the best is yet to come. You don’t know what the rest of your contract is and first, you have to get rid of all the old junk the garbage, and the baggage out of your life, and then you can move into what you really came for.

We all Began with God

The biggest question for many of us is always where did I come from, why am I here too, I want to know what’s my home my whole planet.

There’s no doubt that we all came from the same place and this planet is just one of the schools that we sign on to learn and more but this is not the real home. We all began at the same place and all started with God or what it called the Source. In my reading, I found out that the people who went under hypnosis to the source, went back to when they were with God before they ever started on this long journey to become humans.
We have all been taught the idea that God is a man but researchers find is not a man; if anything would be a woman because women are the creative power. However, he’s not male or female. How do I know this?

Thousands and thousands under hypnosis of DC described God as a huge energy force, a big bright light the great central sun, a huge light full of so much love and beauty that a human being cannot really understand the totality of God, the source that is so enormous. Our belief in God and our concept of God is like a tiny threat compared to what it really is we cannot understand the totality of it which is the glue that holds everything together.

It all began with love

Any kind of off prolonged negative mental states which correspond to negative emotions can very easily become the physical symptoms transferred into the physical affecting the functioning of the body. Research has been done on this and confirmed that negative states and mental-emotional states affect the long-term physical organism. We all can verify it for ourselves!
For example, if you are under a state of anxiety and thinking thoughts that create anxiety and fearful thoughts usually not about the present moment but about some imagined future moment that affects the body your breathing becomes shallow your heartbeat increases and your entire energy body field contracts and all of the physical symptoms appear. So there’s no doubt that what goes on in the mind affects the body and is immediately felt.

For a long time, doctors completely ignored the interaction that ignited from this. When you see any traditional doctor would say ohh no, there’s no connection for physical treatment, not a single question about how you feel, or how your emotions feel and never look at the symptoms.
It’s important to teach your child about the connection between their mind and body. For example, if you imagine biting into a lemon, you can actually start to salivate. This demonstrates how thoughts can trigger physical responses in the body.
Additionally, the placebo effect is often overlooked by conventional medicine and pharmaceutical companies. In clinical trials, some participants are given placebos (which are just sugar pills with no active ingredients) without knowing it. Surprisingly, a significant percentage of these participants experience improvements in their symptoms or even full recovery, despite not receiving any actual medication. This phenomenon is consistently observed in clinical trials and is something that deserves more attention.
Consider the following: What if the power of love is a potent healing agent?
It seems like placebos are often overlooked, but what if people can heal themselves if they truly believe they are being healed? Perhaps the mind has incredible power over the body. Exploring the concept of placebos further, could they potentially replace conventional drug treatments? This leads to the question of whether this could tie into the realm of spiritual healing, but that’s a topic for another discussion in the next post.
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