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Fitness versus Yoga Benefits

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# Fitness versus Yoga Benefits

You’ll be surprised just how many benefits there are and the good news is it can be as easy as getting off the bus a little earlier.
Throughout the week aim to do 150 minutes of moderate activity. This could be a brisk walk or cycling or you can do 75 minutes of vigorous activity such as running. Or you can do even shorter bouts of very vigorous activity such as sprinting or climbing stairs.
Or you can do a mixture of intensities aiming to be physically active every day and the more you do the better.

# A Healthy heart

Regular exercise is great for the heart suggesting your risk of a stroke and cutting your chance of cardiovascular disease by a third. Why not take a lunchtime walk to leave your car at home for up your walking pace when you’re out and about. Regular exercise keeps your muscles bones and joints strong and functioning well but also helps prevent falls and fractures. Try doing exercises that strengthen your muscles bones and joints at least twice a week but remember any is better than none.

# Manage Weight

Exercise burns calories and helps to maintain a healthy weight which in turn reduces your risk of many health problems but be sure to warm up before.

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Reduces your risk of many health problems but be sure to maintain a healthy balanced diet alongside exercise


#Reduces risk of diseases

A healthy weight, in turn, reduces your risk of certain cancers.

You can cut your risk of breast and bowel cancer by around 1/4 if you exercise regularly if you have children encourage healthy habits and routines from an early age and they’ll be more likely to continue being active through life the healthy weight


# Reduces your Chances of Diabetes

It’s estimated that around 3.5 million people in the UK and 34.2 million in the US suffering from incurable diabetes. That is to say, regular exercise is hugely important to help reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes and if you have type 2 diabetes exercising regularly can help you manage it by lowering blood glucose levels


# Improve mental health

Exercising regularly is also good for your mind. it’s thought that it can additional risk
Exercises made with passion as well as dementia exercises will help remove stress and anxiety.


# MOVE. Morning exercises LAST  up to 19 hours


Robin Sharma stated that when you move in the morning will optimise your cognition, will make you think more effectively as you go through your day.
Did you know that morning exercises helps promote neurogenesis which is actually the creation of the new brain cells?

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The new brain cells help you get through stress powerfully. For eg sweating exercises at the first 20 minutes of wake up of the day will help release dopamine which is the inspirational neurotransmitter and repair and also repair the damaged cells in order to let the new brain cells grow.
That gives us fire in the belly as we go through the day. The University of Toronto Canada done some studies/researches and find that the effect of morning exercises last actually 19 hours after the workout.


# Aerobic exercises & Yoga

Between aerobic exercise and yoga, aerobic exercise does a couple of things it is really great for your heart as it gets your heart pumping it’s also really great for your lungs because you’re inhaling a lot of really fresh oxygen and getting out that stable oxygen that’s been hanging around your lungs for a while. Abs exercise also burns calories while you’re doing it, as you’re doing aerobic exercise may be running maybe walking fast maybe swimming you are burning calories to give you energy for that exercise. When you’re done with your aerobic exercise you burn some calories and you increase the health of your cardiovascular system and that’s a great thing. Yoga does a few things that are different and It also has some similarities to aerobic exercise depending on the pose you’re doing.


It is evident that in yoga most of the postures are going to increase your muscle strength not necessarily the same way bodybuilding would because.
When you do yoga poses you hold your muscles in an isometric contraction. And because of that, they become stronger. The other thing you’re going to do is you’re going to increase the endurance that your muscles have as you do a yoga posture.
The longer you do yoga the better you’re going to get the postures and the longer your muscles are going to be able to hold those poses. The fabulous thing about yoga is that increased muscle strength and endurance rolls over into your life in areas that are sometimes kind of surprising, and help you out in a lot of different ways.


# Plenty of poses that make you Strong


Some yoga poses are aerobic poses. What that means is they get your heart rate going they get you breathing really hard and they get that air and oxygen coming in and out of your lungs. But it’s usually done for just about 30 seconds and then you come back down again to a non-aerobic state.


Still is really great for your cardiovascular system still burns a heck of a lot of calories so that is the main difference between aerobic exercises and yoga.


# Yoga and Workout Stretching Exercising

I’ve been practising yoga for more than 8 years and I want to address a frequently asked question it doesn’t matter who I mean how long they’ve been practising yoga or there practising at some other type of exercise.
The question remains what is the difference between yoga and stretching now I believe that most people know what stretching is. But the real question is always getting to the root of something is are the workout stretching exercises over yoga? The similarities and some of the differences between workout stretching exercises and yoga exercises are that both come from a movement modality that can be pretty neutral and natural.
Maybe you have some similar experiences or maybe something as simple as just waking up in the morning and you don’t realise that you just naturally stretch your body and there’s a reason for that? That mind-body connexion sometimes that we’re not aware of science shows that when we go to sleep and we wake up, that we innately naturally move our body. Because during the time of sleep are muscles lose tone and fluids began to pool especially along the back of the body, the spine.
However, we want to kind of wake up the spine we move our head a little bit work out, our shoulders and stretch? We are flexing and stretching various muscle groups to get energy and blood flow. We do it naturally and then as we get older as we engage in other activities like scores, dance, running, walking whatever we’re doing snowboarding skiing.

#Yoga enough to get a fit hot body?

Yoga is trending but we don’t practice yoga just because is trending. I think yoga has been trending for the past couple of years. You can go in any neighbourhood and find different types of yoga classes and maybe not in your particular neighbourhood but in most major cities you’re going to find an array of yoga studios.
In the season that we’re in you find a lot of yoga classes online so why is that most of us come from an experience where we just stretched on our own we stretch you know before we engage in performance or before we go running or walking so why do we need a class if it’s just a fancy stretch well that’s the difference yoga is not just about stretching their classes and their instructors that are trained that understand the anatomy and it goes beyond just stretching the muscles at the heart of yoga is the breath.
There are some particular breathing exercises
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are attached to the practice of yoga. Obviously, you may breathe in a particular way with stretching but there isn’t a nest there and isn’t necessarily a certain method to breathing. When it comes to stretching it’s about stretching and flexing certain muscle groups. For eg, your focus may be on the muscles in your legs and arms and you stretched to the point of tension and then you hold it maybe for about 30 seconds or so.
That’s what I’m accustomed to and then you just let the stretch go and you go about your day you stretch as a regiment in preparation for performance versus yoga where yoga has a foundation of certain breathing exercises and yoga in up itself can be a workout just on its own because it has other components than stretching.


It may look like is just stretching but there are also various poses that tone and strengthen the muscles and there’s also characteristics of mindfulness that are attached to yoga exercises. Such as attention intention presents an open eye, this is what mindfulness is about. The practice of yoga has those particular characteristics where you’re paying attention to your breath, you’re paying attention to your body to alignment with the Universe/God which is there to help.
Kind of going into a stretch with the focus on particular muscle groups now According to Harvard studies and research that encourage people to stretch the similarities are that stretching increases your blood flow, it helps you to regain mobility and increase the flexibility. In fact when we don’t move our muscles shortening and when they get short they get tight.
Again we do want to have some type of stretching modality as a part of our lives. Stretching is great for all the things that I mentioned, is good for spinal health is great for muscle support range of motion and mobility and so you can get all these benefits with stretching alone you really can, however, you can get that a lot more when it comes to a yoga class.


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Now some may say well it’s not just that real there’s a spiritual component as well and that’s very true. However, you can go to several classes at community centres at the gym in so many places and lastly you can learn and do it in your own environment every single day.


#How would you have been on your ideal day, what would you do?


Would you start your day with aerobic, fitness, karate, yoga or pilates or even tai chi practice?
Notwithstanding,  the callisthenics exercises are good for getting strong and improving straightness on the body system. But we are going to talk about these in another article. Feel free to check the other relative article here.


If you have any feedback about this composition that you have endeavour or any queries except the ones that I have recommended, please feel free to leave any comments below or here!

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