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CBD + Workout = Astonishing

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In today topic we are going to look at the effect of the CBD in Pre and Post Workout. The world of anti-doping just remove the CBD substance as a banned substance and also US anti-doping agency remove the CBD 3 years ago. What that shows us is that:

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CBD is no longer seen as harmful or bad or even as a performance enhancer. Is something that can truly help us all, is something that can help recover a sportsman can help the body recover for most of the workout. This is all really good news. Especial when we are leaving in a world where the chronic use of non-steroids anti-inflammatory becomes more and more prevalent.

What do I mean by that? In this state of age people doing workouts are pushing themselves to the limit more than ever can imagine. They push themselves all the time. This means that in order to level up or just stay strong with the competition you have to get through the pain. And that’s mean lots of ibuprofen, lots of aspirin. These are known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

good for health

And this works in the body in a very unique way. Sure they help get rid of some of the pain and they also have some pretty nasty effects when being used for an extended period of time. Let’s get this straight.


#Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory

Is working in something called COX1 and COX2 enzyme and psycho oxygenate 1 and 2 that we all have in the body. COX2 enzyme affects all our systemic inflammation predominantly in the joints. COX1 enzyme helps promote the inflammation within our guts that relieves in order to protect our guts. That’s the way they’ve said that ibuprofen because the ibuprofen lower both CO1 and COX2 inhibitors making you susceptible to stomach bleeding.

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That’s not good, right? You want to get rid of the pain not to get stomach bleeding!

But the nicer thing is that CBD seems to have a positive effect on COX2 and not reducing COX1. But that’s mean you get the inflammatory pain-reducing effect throughout your body but you do not get rid of the overall mucosa layer that you need to protect your gut. This has a 9 times higher affinity for the COX2 enzyme that has for the COX1 enzyme.

Here is the scientific proof that CBD is not the same thing as THC and cannabis, no not at all! CBD is not THD in fact THC is known for so little non-effect, which you can find in my latest article here.

CBD helps promote the internal, the endoderm of the cannabinoid system and a. That’s the system within our body that allow us to feel a blessed feeling that allows us to feel good. So CBD allows us to produce more of what is naturally occurring in our bodies. And helps the body promote and bring more of the good thing that we all need. This is what I take

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I can speak from my perspective specifically from myself. Taking right after a workout what I found is that kinda helps bring my system down, helps regulate a little bit doing a 20-minute workout, here my nerves are just a little bit frayed. So thinking something like that I think is gonna happen.

At the top of the piece, how is this possible a piece of a workout when is come of muscles and the cannabidiol in the system

There is also the topical one. How does the topical cream work?

When it comes to muscles, what’s interesting is what they found is that as we have that endocannabinoid system in our body and our body produces cannabinoids? Is one of them but not the only known molecule that will cross the synapse gather information and then bring that information back to the pre synapse. So basically what I do if I have a knee problem or something like that, it’s like I said those cannabinoids will gonna go there they’re gonna cross over all around the body and wit see that something going on there so is gonna help through a natural process called homeostasis.

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We all dealing with something, right?

Train hard, shoulders, knees so something you can just topically get on there very quickly, Is there a period that has to pass, before or after?

# Before or After

As far as helping people I honestly CBD relieves stress, helps with sleep, general body regulation during the day.

There’s a lot of studies on that, so get into like asleep, relaxation, we kind of have to revert back to a lot of the studies so not making product claims they say it’s gonna do this or it’s going to get that. So it is a really fine line in between.

I think stress is one the biggest things that we all dealing with, not even fitness through our day today.

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Is there any feedback on that helping?

I’ve noticed it myself you know by running three websites, running between classes at University and work, so I found that it just helps marvellous.


# The Benefit of CBD post-workout

when you work out the inflammatory signal you actually start to get more information Now, the question is: is the information really bad all the time right?

You need this inflammation signal because this is what tells the body to build muscle when to recover. Studies actually show that when people take non-steroid anti-inflammatories often they actually feel more muscles and over time start to feel the degradation of the joints and all the body. Why? Because is blocking inflammation signals too much. So the body is changed!

It’s like the body like not doing anything to build muscle or strength because is doing less.

The question is:

Because CBD is anti-inflammatory is gonna genuinely reduce and help with the muscle body signal?


Here are the things with CBD! Is not nearly as much anti-inflammatory as ibuprofen right. So you’re not going to get so super strong, acute anti-inflammatory response it’s kind of the systemic anti-inflammatory response that happens when you get a little bit once but over time.

But the way it works is different and it kind of balances out inflammation. It will reduce the building of muscles body system? Maybe, maybe will split it.

Some people you might even see the use of cannabinoids help them build muscle. As far as whether or not it’s a good or bad post is kind of splinter but taken as a workout performance enhancer and that kind of stuff, yes.

# What is the Desired Outcome of Taken Cannabidiol Post-Workout

I mean the only thing I can think of is if someone needs recovery aids.

I think it’s a great aid for that but like bringing dawn the anxiety, stress, sleeping. Why am I driving odd at night issues, God issues if you want? Trying to get down the inflammation if you want or something like you has pain in the body constantly I think is a great aid.

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Final Thoughts


Back in the days and especially in the 70s, I know that the bodybuilders of Southern California it was the thing that they did, the post-workout, they smoke a joint they eat a big ass meal and then they go lay out in the sun on the beach. I know they are all generic free scenes on steroids or staff like that. But they were so focused on loose weight and building muscles. For instance, that scene from pumping iron at the very end when Arnold smokes a joint and have a T-shirt when said “numero iron”



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