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Lost in a workout program…

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Lost in a workout program…………. how to Get in Shape Without Leaving Your House!



The training program contained on this website fitnessemporiumglobe.com is intended to be for people over 49 years old. Why? Because after a certain age your body is not like before and became more…………saying the truth? laaaazzzzyyyyyyy! from inside out. Ohhh wait, Lazy is not the proper word.


The proper word is, TIRED, EXHAUSTED! Yes, tired of all life running around. With kids, grandkids, from getting your own house, your own car, your own business -sometimes you might be your own boss- getting the proper job, the proper man/woman………….ohhhh yeah…………………………………. ……………….Do I have to carry on?

I think you know the rest.

So, let’s get to work.


Step.1.Warm-up = > 5-15 minute


  • stretch the neck, shoulders/arms, chest


  • activate

  • move


Step.2. The main move =>  5-15 minute




    • deadlift weight bars – how much you handle of course.



  • chin up




  • squat



  • Bench press

Bench press

Step.3. Accessory work =>  5-15 minute


  • legs with dumbells



  • effective shoulders and back exercises. Those are the best, I swear to you!



  • arms




  • abs through plank pose.




  • glutes, check this out


Step.4. Finisher =>  5-15 minute


  • strength



  • metabolic.





  • stretch.

Before you finish the session don’t forget to stretch.

The legs, the arms, the neck, the upper body as well lower body. At last, just laid on your matt for a few minutes, 5, and just do not think of anything, just relax your mind and feel the body from inside out!



Just trying to get out from this boring life throughout this little video with this amazing master.


If you have any feedback about this article that you have tried out or any questions except the ones that I have recommended, please feel free to leave any comments below!


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  • Janine

    Hi Ariana

    Its great to see that all these steps can be done from comfort and safety of ones own home.

    Do you have any alternatives or substitues to use if I dont have dumbells or weights … I ONLY have a 2kg at the moment 

    My exercise routines has been mostly cardio to get fit and shed extra kilos which is working  so for someone who is starting out with strength training do you advise I do these exercises in your post ?



    • Angell

      Hi Janine, thank you for your comment. Luv it!

      From my experience, if you have no dumbells right now, you can improvise for a short period of time with something similar to 2 bottles of water of 2kg each.

      my advice obviously is to get a pair of those Adjustable Dumbells and to try working out in your own comfort. 

      As for the cardio just to get fit, if you allow me to, there has to be an interaction between the workout and cardio exercise, the body has to have a mixture of all. so, for instance, as I’ve written on my website, if you do days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) pilates or yoga, the other days you can mixt with 1-day cardio, 1-day weight, 1-day fitness & so on. I hope this helps

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