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Metabolic Health and Exercises

The Optimum Time to Exercise for Metabolic Health. Firstly let’s look at what metabolic health is.

According to Hea et al. (2019), metabolic health is linked with a reduction in lung function than to obesity. However, metabolic healthy is defined as having three or fewer risk factors:

  • hypertension, high glucose in plasma, elevated triglycerides, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and abdominal obesity.

WHO (World Health Organisation) defines the state of obesity as the body mass index (BMI) greater than 30 and over 25 overweight.



As well all know, obesity is the main cause of several metabolic diseases that result in an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as a coronary artery, cerebrovascular disease, peripheral artery, heart failure. 


According to O’Neil and O’Driscoll (2015) in their studies, they reported that about 60% of obese individuals have metabolic syndrome (METS) worldwide.



Metabolic Condition (Syndrome)



Metabolic condition is a medical term for the combination of diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.

The risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, and other diseases that affect blood vessels is also high.

metabolic syndrome

This condition can damage the blood vessels due to diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. These are very common diseases, which explains why metabolic syndrome/condition affects about one-fifth of people over 50.


The Signs for Metabolic Condition


If someone has too much fat around the waist, low levels of HDL (“good cholesterol in the blood” can maintain atherosclerosis (arteriosis which is arteries with fatty substances such as cholesterol ), hypertension that is constantly above 140/90 mmHg.




The signs can be prevented or reversed when you make changes in your everyday lifestyle. Start today slowly with small steps for instance, if you are a smoker reduce your intake of cigarettes or even stop smoking.


How To Measure the

Metabolic Health



Alchemy is different things to different people. Several different words can measure metabolic health.
Based on your BMI, the blood tests give the exact numbers of how the health is in terms of diabetes into the liver function.



Another important factor of metabolic health is how you feel how are you sleeping what your mental clarity is like on your overall Wellness and a sense of how well you feel within yourself how happy you feel within yourself.


What’s most important is something that is happening in the near future. Many people struggle to lose weight for a long time. They may give up on their weight on various diets.


Often people have a date in the future that they want to get a go-to this fit for.
Other people for example with grandchildren may be struggling with weight because of arthritis and they may be struggling to play with the grandchildren on the floor and they want to be able to address that.


An average normal adult carries around about 50 to 60,000 calories of the fat underbody.
A lot of people have poor metabolic health which carries some of this fat around their middle and they can really struggle to lose weight. Even though if they follow what has been traditional dieting still don’t lose weight. means such as, simply just eating less calories and avoiding eating fat.


So many people don’t seem to work and don’t seem to get the results they want. What we need is to be able to achieve metabolic health putting the body into a state that it was probably designed for and getting the engine running burning the right fuel and burning the fat off in a healthy sustainable enjoyable way. To do this we need to understand what your body’s internal levels are doing.



Tailor The DIET



What we eat tells the body to store fat, do not burn fat if we’re trying to lower blood sugar level and we release insulin. To do that we do not want our body fighting to try and burn fat at the same time.

So by understanding your body’s insulin levels, you can do that with a blood test where can look at how high your fast and high insulin level is, you can get a bit of an idea as to how many carbohydrates, how your body may be being challenged by possibly eating excess carbohydrates.





Therefore tailoring the diet to reduce the carbohydrate in what we are eating can reduce your insulin level.


Anabolic health is focused on the fat around the waist, for gentlemen it can also mean what waist size they are and for my female patients it can also be what dress size.
Their weight is a fundamental part of the metabolic health process.



DO NOT Fight Hunger


What we should be trying to achieve is a state where we are not fighting hunger. If we have 50 or 60,000 calories a fashionably or for many of us and access about what we need to be doing is allowing the body to tap into that naturally not fighting.


Not trying to starve ourselves not trying to restrict off food even if the body having super hungry, mean to say the body that plugs into the fat stores.


starve ourselves


Let’s start running from the light, sometimes all the fat collected around the waist, when we get this right when we’ve adopted a lifestyle to allow the body to do this suddenly weight loss can become enjoyable and effortless.


We are not driven by cravings to eat constantly suddenly you may find just through your natural instincts you might only be eating once or twice a day, no longer having cravings two or three hours after eating breakfast.


So this is what is mean by metabolic health.


Exercise for Metabolic Health



They are ideally blood glucose levels, triglycerides, high-density lipoproteins (HDL) cholesterol, blood pressure and metabolic health surrounded. These factors are directly related to heart disease, diabetes and the risk of stroke persons. 


A metabolically healthy person with a body mass index (BMI) of more than 30 indexes (BMI), but without metabolic condition. This condition includes high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol.




Workout is to do with the metabolic condition or metabolic inside strike. Training is basically taking strength exercises and putting them to time and moving quickly and at a place where you get your heart rate up. 

There is a very quickly cardiovascular routine for beginner workout for any age.

I want to take you through a metabolic routine beginners can do this. The nice thing about this routine is that there’s absolutely no jumping so many of you might have a reason that will jump. Perhaps uncomfortable or you have a joint issue or a reason that you can’t jump.


The cool thing is that you can still do a metabolic routine that gets your heart rate up and gets you moving really quickly without feeling like you have to be jumping or running to do that.


Let’s say we are going to implement a routine OK?


We are going to do each exercise, please check here the other article on the list for 20 seconds per exercise and we’re going to take the 2nd break in between exercises. OK within this link is a great app to download, you can plug in anytime as is completely free. Let’s work for 20 seconds and rest for 20 seconds.


The app it’s going to whistle/ring when it’s time to stop the exercise. You don’t have to keep looking at the clock which is a really fantastic way to do this.


Let’s make this workout super funny and pretty easy to accomplish.

Start the timer with a 10-second start uptime. Ready?

1.Total body extension.

Get down on squat and then you raise way up on your toes, squeeze your bum on the way up, just do not jump to finish fast. This is an exercise that I’ve been doing a lot in between other routines.



OK the alarm/timer rings, now rest for 20 sec.



2. Get down on the floor, this is a plank pose

ok, now you’re going to complain but we’re going to take 1 foot and slide it out to the side. Switch legs halfway every 10 seconds then switch left, nice and flat level, don’t move or hips around just the legs.


Perfect. Now rest for 20 sec.



3.Stay down on the floor.

Lay on your back full body planted flat. From here lift your hips up and clear and bring them back down slowly. 20 seconds of that. Your goal during this workout period is to do as many nice-looking repetitions as you can. Don’t push it so hard.


Splendid. Timer up, rest 20 sec.

4.In Standing position. With your feet firmly planted on the ground pretty far apart. Down then squared up. Let’s do this one side for the whole 20 seconds like 10-15 repetitions. Extend your arms high up to the sky then go down in squad.

Ok. Change the foot with the same movement.

5. In plank position, take one foot off the floor toward the ceiling. This can also be done on your elbows if you need to. As you get better you can try to do it without tipping your hips quite so much. To keep your hips level sturdy you don’t have to go super fast rotation.



Now on the other foot, put your other foot forward in a steady posture. You should feel like you’re pushing through the heel.

We have done one cycle so you can take a break, grab some water if you need it we’re going to keep going.

6.Next, squat down. Bring your hands down on the floor then slowly one foot pushing forward x20 times while you are sitting in squad position. Change the foot x 20 times


Great. Now rest for 20 seconds!


7.Flip over on your back, let’s do bridges.

Plant your feet on the ground, put your hands over your head firmly planted on the floor. Lift up that body. This can be very challenging for some of us.

Stay there for 20 seconds. try to relax your neck and head. Splendid. relax for 20sec. You deserve it.

There we are, stop the timer. we made it through. OK when we’re actually completely done with this workout, what you want to do now is grab a foam roller and then go ahead and spend some time stretching.





If you have diabetes then from out of good metabolic health you may need to restrict your carbohydrate more.

Let’s get your engine running right, let’s understand your biochemistry, let’s then adapt the lifestyle to suit that and naturally achieve the results you want to get in an enjoyable way. Sooooo what are you waiting for?

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