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Cutting Body Fat

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The most beneficial for the very anti-ageing mechanism is autophagia where the body has the chance to focus on cleaning damaged cells rather than focusing on digestion.

We’re going to talk about how to drop one size and one week guaranteed okay there are five things you need to focus on we’re taking all the best strategies and putting them together.


#1  A strategy that uses intermittent fasting

Because every time you eat you raise instantly the insulin. Insulin is the common nominator between whether you’re going to lose weight or not. Lose weight whether you’re going to burn fat or not burn fat. So if there’s an incident of high insulin forget about losing weight.
We’re not talking about less calories, less meals, or less infrequent, this is going to help you reduce insulin and help you lose weight.

However I’m going to recommend two meals/day.
Some people do 1 meal a day. I am sure you can do that too. But let’s take it slowly, ok?
You can spread the meals out equally, maybe in the late morning for eg12.00 am12.00am and then for dinner, but no snacking in between because we don’t want to raise the insulin. When you eat protein 3 to 6 oz not too much just enough a large amount of vegetables cause we need that since we get into fat burning process. We need to flesh all that fat out of our system and not overwhelm the body. Check the audiobook here

Like a high protein diet was doing a moderate motor protein a little bit smaller amount was actually doing a lot of vegetables and we’re going to add some fat. It’s almost impossible to do this without adding some fat.
Why? Because fat is one of the only foods that will not raise insulin too much and if we can actually eat fat it’s going to go longer even though there are more calories. But we don’t care about that, we care about insulin resistance and we want to keep it slow. This is a really good combination of what to eat in case we have some protein the vegetable fat is all-important to add but NO SNACKS JUST TWO MEALS.

#2  Sleep

Fat burning occurs mostly when you are in deep sleep.
You cannot do this with 5-6 hours of sleep like you’ve done it in your youth!
You need 8 hours minimum now even if you have to get an app that’s totally fine if you can do that but we need to go for 8 hours. There are two things I like to do to enhance my sleep
  1. I sit down and listen to myself, and meditate before bed
  2. I use this, a natural supplement to help me sleep

it’s a dream for all-night formula and is all-natural, very powerful doesn’t have any melatonin, it basically supports the adrenal gland. Normally I take 3-4 before bed to really get that 8 hours of sleep. You won’t feel groggy you wake up feeling refreshed and it will enhance your sleep.

#3 Stress

If you’re going through stress it’s going to be a barrier because stress activates the hormone called cortisol that blocks the fat burning

cortisol hormone

What do we want to do? We want to list all your stressors, to be related, to avoid those people who make us angry and upset for one week; and you’re going to find it surprisingly you will actually lose more weight because if you keep running into this situation over with these stressful people it’s not helpful.
I also recommend not watching the news for one week!
Watch a comedy, read a book. Because we don’t want to interfere that have the stress interfering with asleep, we don’t want that negativity. Then we want to do long walks
Walking is really good and just getting some fresh air for eg walking your beloved pets, that’s what we’re going to do to distress. There are a lot of other things but this will be helpful and also help sleeping more will help stress as well.



#4 Exercise

You want to do high-intensity interval training.
That means that you want to work the whole body right. For eg I do a combination of weightlifting, I do stairs climbing, and I do deadlifts which strengthen good posture.

You want to find something that fits your interest, to do something really high for instance, full body upper and lower body short duration high intensity, but only do that every two days. Why? Because we want to get that recovery, all the benefits from exercise happen in recovery. We don’t want to do it every day unless you’re really in shape and even every other day might not be the best thing if you’re suffering from sleep and stress.
Is really a kind of a juggle. But twice I mean I’ve taken people to decrease the frequency of their workouts and help them lose a lot more weight and it’s quite interesting how that it’s counter-intuitive, but it works.
On the days you’re not working out, go for long walks. That’s what you’re going to do with your exercise


#5 Nutrition

Seek help. And I am not talking and asking you to go to the psychiatrist. NO!
Seak help activates the thyroid and will speed up metabolism. Seek help by talking with someone, phone someone and talk to him/her in the morning.
Also, I am not medical or professional but I deeply advise you as I’ve been advised by the medical consultant to get potassium citrate but don’t take it before you go to bed because it will keep you up at night.
He recommended up to 500 milligrams but that’s not even hardly a dent into the potential requirements that we need coz you need 4700 milligrammes.
Why this is recommended? Because as we’re burning fat and getting into a ketogenic diet we’re going to be losing a little bit of potassium and we want to put the potassium back. Potassium will lower the need for insulin, potassium will enhance your sleep, potassium will prevent kidney stones, potassium will help relax the muscles and it’ll actually help your energy.
We don’t have to do this long-term, just short term and it’s really difficult I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s difficult for people to consume the amount of vegetables that they need. We need about 7 to 10 cups a day. I’m trying to get people to have even seven cups a day so they’re not getting their potassium low. We need 7 to 10 cups of vegetables every day to get your potassium balanced so we can enhance it a little bit short term but we’re going to do at least 5X that
The only counter indication would be if you have kidney disease which is very highly unlikely you wouldn’t want to do that.
You might have individual-specific issues like bad menstruation cramps or body issues or whatever if you have a more complex case and you need more help, I think the most cost-effective way to do this is to go to a medical consultant or a nutritionist.

The key points here

# you can go from this point
to this point slowly at your own pace
# you can get the knowledge and get the results to have me as a backup if you have questions
I’ll love to have you as part of the members. I hope this was beneficial, thank you so much for reading and if you have any comments do not hesitate to write them down below.
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