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Anti-Hunger Molecule

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A new study has pinpointed

A Molecule that Suppresses Hunger After Intense Exercise.

What is this all about it?
Whenever we push our muscles to exhaustion ‘lactate’ is what causes the burning sensation. Whereas phenylalanine is an amino acid that serves as a building block for proteins. Both combine to generate a chemical known as lac-phe, which is initiated by a protein known as CNDP2, which is particularly active in immune cells. Animals lacking this protein have been unable to generate lac-phe, causing them to eat more and gain weight than an experimental group with normal CNDP2 activity.
Lisa Kim went to find out the discovers from Stanford Medicine University

The researchers subsequently drew on a separate study being undertaken at Stanford University, in which evolutionary biologists assessed the growth of various chemicals in humans through and after periods of exercise.
These findings not only indicated peaks in the same molecule, but the team also deconstructed its genetic structure, revealing it to be a mix of two natural sources of organic compounds: lactate and phenylalanine.

Whereas the results are crucial for our understanding of why exercise affects hunger hormones and can have minor and implicit weight loss advantages above merely burning fat, the scientists note that the research is still in its beginning stages.

Turning these findings into a form of health supplement that reduces appetite will be a long process that will start with a deeper knowledge of how lac-phe inhibits hunger signals and locating the neurotransmitters that allow this action.


#What is this protein?

Physical activity/daily exercise has been seen to enhance weight loss, manage appetite, and optimize the mitochondrial function, especially in patients who are overweight or obese,” stated Baylor College of Medicine co-corresponding author Dr. Yong Xu.
Once we can understand the process by which exercise generates these improvements, we will be one step closer to assisting many people in managing their health.”



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