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Exercises Over 50s


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#No Passion for Exercise, No Business


Do you think it is important to exercise after you reach your 50s? Let’s see WHY? Today I am gonna talk to you about why exercises are important for people in their 50’s.


A healthy lifestyle and increasing more exercise, getting rid of the processed foods. And you know, don’t forget things like alcohol a simple cup/glass also everything else that we used to drink in our teenage times.


1.# How to Lose Belly Fat



What is happening to all of us ladies and why is our belly fat such an issue?

When we reached the paramount pause our hormones sort of start to decline and that’s not a bad thing it’s just an adjustment that slows our metabolism down as a result.
This means that we’re not burning up our fuel as quickly as we did in our younger years.




We used to be able to eat lots and lots and lots of food and you’d be able to put it up as fuel.
But as we get older because our hormones and metabolism slow down, we need to eat less and what we eat is actually important.


we get older

Differences as we’re getting older I think maybe we’re eating the same amount of food as we did when we were younger and expecting different results exactly so nature’s way of saying ladies are getting older you need to just chill out a little bit more and eat less.

That’s a really good thing because I don’t know if you thought of it in that way before but now, we’re older and that’s how we meant to be.



2. #Why Sugar is Bad



Sugar turns to carbohydrate part of which turns to fat, products like cakes, lollies, biscuits, alcohol, bread, pasta just to name a few things.


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OK, so the difference is if we had a big bowl of pasta when we were younger we would have burnt it off metabolisms faster.
We had a big bowl of pasta now in our 50s yet it just sits there exactly it doesn’t go anywhere. If you think about it as we get older our energy levels do slow down their energy.

We’ve got to eat less and exercise more.



The conclusion here is that we have to start doing walks. It would be great to have as a routine a brisk walk but not just like when you are going shopping and looking at anything.
That definitely gets you into a fat-burning zone where you’re sort of you just struggling a little bit.



3. #Breathing Oxygen.


It needs to be at a point where you sort of like when you walk along and slow down a little bit. Over that long period of time becomes a fat-burning range so many things that have 30 minutes or more and probably daily would be fantastic.
And after a longer period of time, the body becomes a fat-burning machine.


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30 minutes or more and probably daily would be fantastic I mean we can all really do that. But 30 minutes every day puffed out walking. We can do that and think of the mental benefits. If you’re out,the takeaway is the fresh air.

What is different now? We’re a bit older so our metabolisms changing, that’s all. Nothing major, don’t panic!



4. #Eat Less, Exercise more


Because we’re not 18 anymore and the metabolism is changing.

Bit of exercise you’re gonna love it. Let’s get started

30 sec on fast walking and 30 sec of fast movement
30 minutes of full-on exercise is going to be great for the body to keep it in shape while you’re at home.


Particularly to be at the same timeline, but make sure that you do a little bit of work and a little bit of exercise, and a little bit of play so you can stay the same.


Eat Less, Exercise more

Here are the exercises that I think every person in their 50s should be doing as all of us are someone. Who also do lots of exercises add this to it.
I found out about this when I went to a lifestyle retreat and we got taught.


#1. Doing a Chinese squat is one of the most beneficial things for our health for any age group, particularly for people who are getting older.


chinese squat

This is because when you don’t activate all the muscles in your legs that lead to muscle loss. Sitting accelerates muscle loss and muscle loss equals ageing. You can imagine old people when they’re kind of bent over and that they are walking slowly. It i’s because everything’s kind of gone soft and lost its effectiveness to keep the body upright.

Also, another thing about sitting not the best thing for us, we tend to sit all day and sitting loosens our glutes and it doesn’t engage anything so you’re not engaging your core or your legs or includes or anything.

Siting is really bad but we all do it all day so this is something that you can do at home and if you just do it every day it’s building up slowly. And slowly through the years and do it for a bit longer you gonna notice a benefit in your strength and your vitality and I’ll tell you why but first of all I’ll show you what to do.

Just go from a standing position and come down to squatting and this is called a Chinese squat. It’s called that because, in Asia, people communicate, eat, talk, cook, and do everything like this naturally.

For instance, babies or a young child, a toddler, this is how they sit this is how they do things. This is the way the body was designed, yet we don’t do it so our bodies don’t perform as well as they could for as long as they could.
You have to try to keep your back straight as you can and hold your hips with your hands, keep your feet flat on the ground, not just on the finger toes with all the toes flat on the ground.

This may be difficult to do for a long time, but try to stay there for 10 seconds. You’re doing great, just keep practising. Getting a little bit longer at each time until it’s something that you can do very easily. It is quite important to do as women in their 50s because we’ve got to work on becoming someone who can live into the next 50 years with lots of health and vitality.

The Chinese score actually helps loosen the back and align the spine and lengthen the hip flexors.

If you can do this for 10 – 15 seconds or even 45 seconds, first just have a little practice. Start releasing some of that stuff that we’re hanging onto and help bring some great bone strength and building muscle into your body because our legs and all of this area supports everything else so if there’s strong we can be strong and vital.


#2. Start by gentle marching and deep breathing, arms above your head in and out get a 30-second timer to help keep you on track.

marching with arms above head

Start walking in place, at your own pace.

You can either go the same mode slower or you can jog the whole way through. If you follow the same pace as me, I am going to do 3522 steps burn 340 calories and you will bold 2.8 km or 1.8 miles. How good is that?


So many benefits for something that’s a lot of fun.
You’re about to set yourself up for a really really good day and I promise you you can’t do this and feel bad at the same time. Let yourself smile, forget all your worries it just from in time, and have some fun
30 seconds of walking.

Make sure that you up in a lot of effort and get everything you can out of this workout because your body absolutely deserves to be treated well.

#3. Weights for the core. Raise your hands above your head on your toe across your body and back; you’re going to get hot and but also feel great. Do the very best you can, take small breaks when you need them, and get back and keep going.


Walk-in place, strong core – strong body
I can see you and feel you doing this. Just put a piece of background music to start walking, dance, run, whatever makes you feel good. Set your goals bigger and you will be extended to the next three months. Keep walking strong, burning calories and making your body strong.

#4. Take your arms up front and kick back with your feet and hit yours but.
Go from side to side and then bring your arms in towards your chest and back again.


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Take a drink of water if you need one now but keep getting those legs.
Marching in place for 30nd seconds
Walking out keep going 30 seconds more of this walking you’ve got this kid going

#5. Hands-on hips and let’s get started with the right leg, keep your left leg strong because it’s being hips worked right now.
Do you feel energized?

Keep going with some fast walking dance if you feel like it but just keep going.
Walk-in place, don’t stop now!

#6. This time we’re going into a squat position and we’re going to slow box. The senior boxing sequence going to escort position rotate your fist outwards at first punch.

Keep that core held in tight because this is where all the works are being done. Don’t move the hips left or right!
Make sure you keep your knees rotated outwards and do not box with your hips.

Think of those calories you’re burning, like the 2.8 km or the 1.8 miles you’re walking. Kick out, you don’t wanna let yourself down.

March in place, 30 seconds of walking, are you feeling good, tired? Keep the momentum you are almost there
I know you’ve gotta keep going because you committed to this and you’re almost there.

#7. Hands up at shoulders side, lift your right leg aside a few times then back and forth. Keep it up cmon! Now is a great time to set yourself some fitness goals.

Look what you’re doing now!

You are amazing!

If you did something like this every day, how do you think you’re going to feel in a couple of months? So, make it a commitment that you’re going to exercise every single day you can do it because you’re amazing!

30 seconds of walking, in place, are you feeling good, hot?
Well Done, you made it!

There’s stretching after all workout



#To End Up



I have to work on it actively and because of the life stage that we’re at, we’re all of the same life stages we just have to work a little bit harder or a lot harder than someone in their 30s. That was healthier we’re probably getting out a little bit more doing some walking. We’re up for that, and there’s nothing wrong with being a little bit soft because you are perfect as you are!

Most importantly, keep moving, keep smiling, have fun. You can do it!


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