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A basic Fitness & Diet Valuation

# Diet & Exercise are the Best Prescriptions that Everybody gets from anybody.

But that requires a little bit of work and a little bit of help or science-based advice.
Did you know that the fat-free mass is everything but add oppose or fat tissue to your body? Let’s say all your fat is 110 pounds. What’s leftover is mostly muscle your bones your blood vessels your organs things of that nature and that’s mostly muscle. Muscles work creates the burning of fat or mostly creates the burning of fat burns in the muscle cell.
This means that the more muscle you have the more fat you can burn at rest and I did say at rest you don’t burn as much fat when you’re exercising you burn it when you rest.

# What is The Purpose of Exercise?

To stimulate the muscles, to break down, to capitalize, to rest and recover an animalize or build-up that increases your overall or basal metabolic rate, that’s the whole purpose of the exercise. If you never heard that from another trainer you might want to think about you know what that trainer knows and if it’s never been explained to you that’s the way, it works.  Does anybody know where fat leave your body? is it through urination is it through sweat a little bit but not much it’s mostly from steel to carbon dioxide we breathe out the fact
Let’s take the case when you blew up in a balloon and blew it up and blew it up and then you just tighten the knot. And then you take dry ice and put it over all over the bloom. The balloon starts to shrink and freezes the content inside which is secluded or the air that you breathe out you’ll find there’s some water in there and you’ll see these little crystals.
Those crystals are your fat molecules leaving your body. When you hear that turn or we’re going to melt fat off your body but doesn’t really melt comes out of your mouth in the form of carbon dioxide anyway.
There’s an experiment where they actually do that they blow up a balloon and you can see the fat molecules inside the balloon but with some water that we breathe out. In the rest of this is like 86% of the fact that we lose comes out here your breath or your mouth CO2 and, like I said a little bit of water.

And then some of that comes from sweat urine and faeces and all kinds of stuff like that. Let’s take a look at the water percentage in your body. I know a lady been at 38.8% as far as water in the body should be around 50% water. IN fact everybody should be at least 45-50% of water or 50% for women 50 to 65% water in your body for men
That doesn’t mean drinking a gallon of water all day long is going to bring your water weight up. The way it works is, a diuretic meaning that it’s going to go right through you. How much water should we drink a day? The scientists don’t really know. When you’re thirsty you drink, that’s it.
For instance, is correct that if I drink a lot of water I’ll get rid of a lot of toxics.
With this in mind if you have a lot of toxins go off to the bathroom every 20 minutes then you drink it away.
If you want to get it inside the muscle
here’s another fact:
When you start lifting weights your body automatically or your muscle will automatically start storing a little bit more water and the reason why it does that is that that water can be stored easily. The glycogen is the energy source that powers your muscle or sugar. That sugar goes into the muscle, cleans up your blood of sugar if you have a lot of pre-diabetic or your glucose levels are high. When you lift weights you break down the sugar inside the muscle through the bloodstream. If you have sugar in the body, that sugar is going to vote for that muscle receptor that cleans your blood up from sugar.
Reducing The sugar intake can help the whole line so your body is forced to use fat for energy that’s the whole science behind it. I said science it’s not a theory it’s a science that’s the way your body loses fat.
When you skip meals you force your body to go into a famine state. If you don’t eat your liver is going to produce the sugar so that you can actually function.
When that happens it signals a pancreas to send out insulin to bond with now is blue close from your liver not from your digestive system is in the small intestines. But that leverage the sugar from your lover gets burned off real quick as you’re not eating. As a matter of fact what really happens is that insulin gets caught in your bloodstream and this looks around for a glucose molecule that just got used up because you’re not eating any food although food is well for energy not just for taste tests for energy.
The insulin gets caught your bloodstream and it’s a physiological fact that if you have large amounts of insulin your body
  1. you’re going to be tired as heck
  2. you can’t burn fat no matter what you do
The way to clean that up is to Weight Training
Weight training makes you hungry which is fine. You just got to know what to eat. I have a solution for all these issues or problems. You have a food service like Nakd Double Choclish Big bars,

you can get yours here which are great tasting feels like you’re cheating all the time and things like that.

The number of people in the car goes to points start to diminish because what’s happening is all they’re doing is burning the sugar in their blood and never getting down to the fat cells.  In order to get down to the fat cells, you have to create a metabolic effect: weight training by breaking down the muscle.  Like I mentioned before aerobic is anaerobic and it is your basic metabolic system. Instead of burning 17157 calories in 48 hours, you would be burning at least 18 maybe 19 because it takes more calories to repair muscle. So you’re in that state of another metabolic mode where if you do cardio save burn 500 calories of the column; cardio that’s a good hour party on going pretty hard.
Once you walk out that door you’re done you have burned all the calories. The science books or Physiology books is about how to break down the muscle and I haven’t rested and repair I burn more calories at rest than I do when I’m doing exercise and that’s the way it should be. Because we rest much longer than we can work out.
Let’s get this example, a person that burns 500 calories. At 500 calories per session, you have to work out seven days a week burning 500 calories to lose an actual count effect.
Nevertheless, I don’t work out seven days a week NO! I certainly wouldn’t want it wasted all on cardio when I can work out and the half-half as many days and get myself the metabolic state how my body worked for himself rather than be working turn it over tires at climate up ropes and running through cones the all 62-year spell doesn’t do that and you don’t have to at any age. You know just need to know the science behind how your body works and everybody worked himself to give it the opportunity to work for itself. Most people overtrain and that’s why they don’t see any results. If you’re doing full-body workouts every day when you get a chance to rest and recovery is one of the most important parts of our components and in your setting your goals or making or achieving your goals it’s used chewing your books. I hope this all helps people out to understand how to lose fat weight not just Wally
You can lose water pretty easily.
You can not eat and become insulin resistant and then you’re going to end up heavier than now or before I can guarantee you that or you can do it the right way. Get it done right the first time! Instead of spending all this money over the years and getting back into that same routine. Let’s say five days you keep& take care of this amazing super machine, the body. Then Friday comes along one of your friends calls you up or colleagues and says hey let’s go for a drink or dinner or something like that and then that turns into another dinner or outing. Later on, you go again I’ll start on Monday.
Monday comes around and then Friday &so on …..the routine takes place. Will you really take care of it?
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I feel awesome in my skin and I love to be here, on Earth! I love all animals. And I love to take care of this body the only one I will ever have. Obviously, as everyone else I love money, and the feeling of security gives. I looove to help everyone and every living been. This was until I get half-century. I am here because I can't be any more anyone's slave but JUST MY OWN boss. In my life I got enough bullying, discrimination and persecution. Enough is enough! Anyone should respect the piece of God/Universe I am! I understand now why I am here. I am here to learn and carry out the knowledge I gather in this life. To the higher self! Loving the body and the other light souls is the only important thing on this Earth. Wish I can say different but this is true. Because of this, I've done everything for the well-being of this body. Well, at least I've tried to do. I cherish this body that has been given to me and I make everything for my well-being. I lionize exercising in my own comfort every single day. In the past, I've taught classes like yoga, fitness and pilates. You don't have to look like a top model or VIP as J.LO to be able to do this, no no no!

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