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Home Workout vs Gym

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Working at home vs Gym Psychology and Benefits

Let’s look into this more in-depth. Here are the Top Best Reasons why you should train at home:

1. Attachment/Devotion

2. Efficiency

3. Time and money at home

4. Training flexibility

Research-based to doctor Eric Helms through pyramids that define what you should prioritize in your training. Things like supplements, adherence, volume intensity should be your main priorities.

People think of home gyms and yes they’re very convenient but beyond that, both short-term and long-term home gyms are the easiest programs to stick to theirs.

It requires the least amount of output by you as you don’t have to drive through high traffic to go to the gym, there more efficient in time, you have more time with your family. 

#1. Attachment/Devotion 

People say time is money and then time is moments. Moments for families and loved ones and every minute that I’m able to save by not having to drive to the gym in a waiting line, another longer workout in a commercial gym which is more time with my loved ones and my dog the things that I’d rather be doing.

 For most people and that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be at the most optimized program and not going back. They were not able to hear that program so they should have a program that is easier to adhere to.

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If that makes sense they should have been doing the most optimized training trying to get in the best shape of anyone in the entire world, they should be on a program that they can stick to and not just in the short term. But throughout their life cycles as their lives change, as they don’t travel something that they will turn. Also want to make the point that forced appearance is not affected.

In my opinion, paying for a personal trainer just because you think it’s worth a go, can be a factor in whether or not you stick to something. But it’s there’s some cost balance, in there somewhere and it’s no more likely to make you go than if you were just having a gym membership in the 1st place or get it.

Therefore don’t be that person also that’s very short-sighted you’re paying a premium to have it a

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#2  Have more efficient workouts/training 

If you train at home, I promise you that you are able to get the amount of volume they were talking about. 

train at home

 You will never believe me when I say that: trained for 45 minutes only, maybe 15 minutes, maybe hours along when I’m doing the whole cycle. After that plan with your family & loved ones.

online fitness courses

 It’s true the way that I do that is through circuit training and through super setting,

It’s not that you can’t do those things in a commercial gym but it is just a lot harder to give you the equipment, pull together especially when it’s busy. You are going to see the benefits. 

There are different reasons that you rest between movements. The reason that you rest is that you must hydrate yourself, eat, and so on.  
Because when you are doing bicep curls and bring it on, the biceps itself needs time to rest. There’s also cardiovascular training, which is where the body needs oxygen so just needs to replenish by resting a bit.

 Therefore YOU need to rest the entire body.

To drink to hydrate yourself, even more, you are lifting the heavyweights through compound movements that continue in both ways. Both the light movements, like bicep curls or calf raises, only fatigue your muscles. You want to be able to do superset a lot of isolation movements back to back to back to back. Later, after this workout, you can start with heavy compound lifts and, of course, rest after though. Because you want those especially when you are working on strength and form.

#3 Time and Money at Home

 I should have started with this topic because time is the most important building.

time and money

I should start with this topic this time because is the most important.  It is training at home that gives me an extra hour with my partner and my furry babies. It’s a fact: people are willing to spend a lot more time at home.

Hours are having to be saved by training at home considering a 10-minute journey, two and from the gym plus a little bit of, add time in the gym. If you’re training five days a week represent 200 hours a year. That’s 8.7 days of the year but that’s it. That’s the time that you’re not working on your relationship, you’re not working on your finances, your studies, other things in life that are more important than looking good for a lot of people.

Also the money aspect. I’ve looked at the total cost of ownership between having a home gym and a commercial gym. Obviously home gym, very slow, a type of gym you have but it can be as little as 900 bucks. To get started or you can just put a couple of $1000 into a gym they help you even though is that not all open but used it.

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For me, I don’t appreciate spending on the window a lot of money.  For instance, if you have at home a low profile squat rack there up to £400 of weight. You can get it for $275 on Craigslist and I can sell it for more today.

If you want all the newest signing stuff that it compared add to the total cost of ownership of a commercial gym. For something like LA fit and like 24 hours that range of gym it’s about $1700 five years including initiation fees and all the monthly payments. That money is gone!

When you’re done with that you spend it, you have nothing. You wouldn’t have a gender align whereas I could probably spend a couple of $1000 in this gym. But I’ve been training for 10 years now and I know there’s another factor to this.


A lot of people don’t have a spare room, a lot of people don’t have a rotten and they turn into a gym. And on top of this if you include paying the bills and the mortgage. I can make it more attractive by saying not only is it something for you, but it could also be something for your family numbers, for your kids going. You can have a gym basically for the rest of your life!

Plan to live in a place for a long time. Most people do have space to make a gym.

 You don’t need to turn the entire room into a gym to work out at home.

#4 Why you should work out at home: just because of the Training flexibility.

Training flexibility

To be honest,  I am able to pick up and work out anywhere and I feel like I have this ability from having a mojo. This might be more like anecdotal and based on my experience but when I started working out and I’m proud to say this, I started with P90X which is that 90 day super intense workout, It is just like working out on TV and like fruits 180 days.

Protect the Spine

I learned so much from that program, about didn’t need to use your body to create leverage, to live how many different ways. If you like dumbbell crows there are so many different movements in there and because it’s a minimal equipment program you learn how to work with minimal equipment. And even to this day, I’ll fire up mad river X if you know what I’m talking about add rex’s a **** if you don’t know what I’m talking about I’m going to challenge you.

  Fitness is in me, I can do it anywhere in a hotel room in a backyard prison, it doesn’t matter. For a lot of people is in it, if it’s not you just have to have your drink in, your towel on your bench press on. I’m doing this because I can do it anywhere.

If you have the blessings to be able to do that an easy and you love it that’s great for you, but for most people, commercial gyms aren’t working. Also for the record, people, if you take away their economics it’ll save move to a place where they don’t have one for work, they have to go 24 hours. Are they still going to work out, are they still gonna be productive?

  Those are the things you have but it’s not just about in this moment! This works I think long term, we talked about it, interact with all the reasons that are good for you, that is what’s going to set you apart and make you one of the people that can actually do fitness for life instead of the someone who goes on a few year fitness kick and ends up a phantom ball.

Eventually, fitness is for life for me because I made a program of adherence of incorporating my family and my loved ones. You got a home gym for your whole family, one day invite people can use it that drastically reduces the cost of that too so those things considered.


  I really appreciate you stick with me and commit this far because I’m really passionate about it fitness and wellbeing of this unique body. Because I’ve done this for so long I know there’s so much, so much good in it and informational.

Please hope this isn’t 1 sided and if you have any feedback on this topic and you wanna tell me something about why you look a merge aims, by all means, do that. If you’re home generator up in the comments section to join the red always talking……….. in there also it would really mean a lot to me if you click the bell inscribed channel

Takeaway Points

# In very simple terms the program that has the highest level of appearance is the program that is going to be the most effective

# An hour and a half at the commercial gym in about 45 minutes at moment at home!

# Pick up and work out anywhere anytime!

#The total cost of ownership between having a home gym and a commercial gym.

#To summarise gym cost analysis not gonna make it to the whole thing but 208 hours are able to be saved by training at home considering a 10.

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  • C.N.

    Great article, Angell! I love to workout from home, and I completely agree with the benefits that at-home workouts bring to the table. Firstly, we save a lot of money on gas and gym memberships when we workout from home. Given current conditions and the staggering number of people still without work and unable to procure unemployment, it’s important that we save as much money as we can. We also know our bodies and know how we best workout. When we have our home gyms (equipment, time, and the proper mindset), we can cater our workout sessions so that we maximize our time, get the most “bang for our buck,” and truly see results-we’re not being rushed or unreasonably pushed past our bodily limits. Who doesn’t love the idea of getting a 6-pack while watching TV? Haha. I will definitely share your article with my friends and family. Yah (God) bless you!

    • Angell

      You are perfectly right my dear. It’s been a long time since I’ve taught to a class but even so, I wake up in the morning with this hunger thought of exercising. As you said too, I think is in my blood as an addiction to make good and improve everything I can in this wonderful unique body. Here is another great article for you my dear.

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