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Benefits of Fasting

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# Fasting is Health


Time away from foods and snacks and sugary drinks.
If you believe there are any benefits from allowing ourselves to take a reset to renegotiate our relationship with food.
Let’s start with a real-life fact:
A surgeon drove his little car and he was fascinated with the sport Mustang. One day started causing a little bit of choking noise. He took it to the local mechanic and saw the same problem inside. To be fixed he said to come tomorrow morning and it’ll be ready; the doctor went there before going to work tomorrow morning, but the car wasn’t ready.
The mechanic said to come in the evening it’ll be ready. He came in the evening it wasn’t ready. You said morning I came, you said evening, I came in the evening still not ready, what is the issue? I’m gonna go in that kind of mood he said. To see your power horses you also fix engines I also fix engines how come you’re paid 10 times more than me? The doctor looked in it looked at him and said try to fix the engine when it’s running.
Human life and the human body need to be fixed when it’s running otherwise meaningless already are going to start.
What’s the point that we need to fix this body when running? If you want to fix this body when it’s running you must understand why and this is where we’re talking about something related to the ingestion digestion process.

 The stages of this ingestion putting something into digestion assimilation excuse move four dimensions of food and the whole process, in addition, digestion assimilation excretion ingestion is happening in today’s world just about anytime
Salvatore Caruso the oldest person recorded, a supercentenarian, made it to 110 years.
He has been an inspiration for the last 50 years of his life or so.
Doctor Valter Longo director at Longevity Institute University of Southern California has followed him over the years and he said that” it’s not going to be possible for the entire world population but is going to be feasible for the people that listen and follow all the right moves.”
The most recently recorded world’s oldest person is Mbah Gotho at 145 years.


 In a remote Italian town famous for centenarians, these chemical substances were just funded by the European Community. 500 people were studied by splitting them into two and allowing housing them, to sort of have bad modern habits. They are very different from those of the centenarian, for instance, in one house the women have been left to be happy with this western life diet, and in the other house, they’ve tried to bring them back to the longevity diet.
Longer created a longevity diet by combining scientific research in the last world with the study of centenarians around the world. Also, he has been testing the fasting-mimicking diet which offers the benefits of prolonged fasting without having to actually fast. We now have to move away again from these ideas’ words, like eating or fasting they bought and move into another one like fasting. We’re not going to turn everybody into biohackers and use technology and distort everything; instead, we should learn from the past and unite that with science.

Fasting: Is it the key to reaching 100 years old?


Let’s discuss what is the most profound transformation of all concepts of the strategy that pertains to health and ageing.
For instance, let’s say that this is your first meal today, it’s now almost 6:00 o’clock. Because it’s clear based on thousands of years of human existence that even less it is not starvation, attrition makes quickly. Because 1-2 months ago I started this thing called intermittent fasting which everybody’s doing.
Fasting is such an interesting part of the longevity conversation, cultures, where fasting is a practice, where there’s ritual fasting and also questioned why these people live so long. We know that fasting does kick off certain biological processes and also seems to have a connection with longevity, but we don’t know at this point how long you have to fast, does it works for everyone, or if there are just certain people and certain genetics for whom that works.

There are still a lot of questions but at this point, it definitely appears that restricting why you eat might have some impact on how long you live and how healthy you are. Intermittent fasting, time-restricted feeding and calorie restriction are just some of the popular methods that have been adopted. While cutting down on meals as long and viewed as a weight loss hack it’s increasingly being practised as a measure to delay the ageing process and stave off chronic diseases that accompany it.

 have shown us that the potential to protect against a range of age-related diseases diabetes heart disease and cognitive decline to name a few is the Key Mechanism called


 # Autophagy

It’s another factor in longevity in organisms ranging from east to mice to humans he found that cycles of fasting and refeeding pause multi-system regeneration enhance cognitive performance and the potential to prevent and treat disease is it’s hard to imagine something they would do more to a person than fast it if you look at gene expression.
The genes are activated and one of the key mechanisms is a process known as autophagy. This literally means self-eating, during a non-eating period that allows G cells to destroy viruses and bacteria and get rid of damaged structures in order to regenerate newer healthier cells.
Damaged cells can speed up ageing and lead to cancer if they’re not destroyed, we can read this here
This process is vital to health and life span. The best known later activate autophagy in humans is fasting.
There have been studies started with the cancer trial using water on fasting and we thought, of course, know somebody has cancer they are going to be motivated to do this and they’re not going to have a problem with five days of water fasting but we were wrong.
It was the US government, the National Cancer Institute and the National Student ageing funded research for fasting so that we can diet longer by creating a fasting-mimicking diet or a meal plan. This is formulated to stimulate a fasting state while providing nutrients and calories through small amounts of food. It is a high-fat low protein, low sugar, low-calorie diet and stuffy 1100 kilocalories and they won and it drops to about 800 kilocalories and 2345. Usually between 70% to 90% compliance so most people don’t have a problem doing this once a month or so.

# Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD

 For several of cycles, the FMD’s calorie restriction mimics the body’s physiological response to traditional fasting methods but it’s not as simple as just restricting calories. Another study by Dr Eric Berg


 and his team spent years perfecting neutering combinations that can be consumed without triggering the body’s food-sensing pathways. What we’re seeing is that the damaged components are being removed first and then we thought well if this is faster we can die preferentially killing damaged components rebellious components is impossible that it goes after a cancer cell.
 The FMD is not an alternative to drugs instead it is most effective in combination with them they think that the future is going to need to know a lot more about these especially now there in the United States healthcare costs are a portion of about 20% of the GDP. This is not sustainable and in food obviously is the best way to go having gone through 30 clinical trials.
However, the FMD is in the process of getting FDA approval for cancer and now we have just gone to the FDA if all was goldeneye indeed to make food into a drug so it can be put to use. For cancer patients has been developed a meal delivery service that could prolong where people can buy meals for the FMD.
Dr Michael B. talk ab this in his book here 
and you can get it here
 Dr Pradip Jamnadas MD is another heavyweight in the field of longevity.

He represents the conflict that still exists within the scientific community. While the pair agree on the biological mechanisms at play during the fasting state, they disagree on which are most important. The best way to activate them because one thing I would recommend in midlife that could extend your life span, is fasting!
Studies have found that it’s not how much you eat but what you eat and when you eat. To be honest, you don’t have to always feed and put food inside the stomach because you are not always into those hunger pains.


I’ve learnt from him and this is what I do:


I drink. I drink tea, I drink water and talk with my hormones leptin and ghrelin. I actually don’t eat probably till late lunch let’s say 2-3 pm or dinner every day as a way to get that fat accumulated in my 20s, 30s, and 40s.
Training to get going every day on an average of 22 hours of fasting and to eat just one large meal we encourage long daily fast to instigate a biological process called “autophagy”.

 When the body is put under moderate stress, the adaptive responsive cells and organisms show us if stress such as fasting stimulates the body’s mitochondria, which convert food and oxygen into energy for cells to use. The body’s mitochondria play a crucial role in supporting major organs but their functionality decreases with age
To improve mitochondrial performance, life and health span these processes that were studied basically enhance arrowed in defence against the disease that exists within us and we don’t need medicines to turn them on.
We can skip a meal, we can become exhausted from running, we can lift weights, eat the right foods, and we actually know when something is not right.
Just like I could e-mail just pick it up that these are the things you can do to enhance those defences. While the University of Rouen Normandy acknowledges the role of hormones, they suggest there may be downsized to this kind of fasting. For example, now we know that if you fast every day for 16 hours and then avoid eating breakfast that can actually be negative for you in the long run and there is an association with a reduced life span.
We also know that if you fast for too long your metabolism it will slow down which may make it difficult for you to maintain a lower weight. Experts in the field may disagree on specifics but all agreed on one thing: the information around fasting is a major concern.
What I’m trying to do as a service is to speak to the public and say there is this group of scientists and publishers in the world’s top journals that really are making progress in this area. While we don’t have anything to prescribe just yet it is coming soon and certainly, there are things you can do with your lifestyle that will get you ready. The 18-month study with.

# The Egyptian Spinach plant, Molokhia


 501 participants aged 30 to 65 have been split into three groups.
One will be a control group so keep their usual diet and have three cycles. For FMD the final will be following the daily longevity diet which is more of a lifestyle. An everyday diet and this is mainly bigger but not only bigger because you find also fish, especially small fish. For example, overnight fasting which is around 12 hours is very important to improve the metabolism and to connect with the inner being.
All participants will be followed by nutritionists like Savigny monitoring review of the biomarkers, in order to define the best report and to put together a lot of information both from the scientific field also from their population. In this way, you can test the information that counts from science in the feasibility so which of the information that comes from science, can be applied in everyday life.

 I think that as we change our idea of what it means to be healthy and look instead you know what the biometric signals are of help you know what’s your blood pressure or stuff like. That we’re going to see more emphasis on getting people to eat foods that are good for you and to exercise than just you know asking people to lose weight.
Healthier huge discoveries have been made in the field of longevity in nutrition over the past two decades but it’s still the early days. Sarah et al. (2019)stated that research has been done in cells and animals and while this has provided early clues to help periods without food may affect the human body it will be the clinical trials to offer the most insight into how we can reach 100 healthy years.
 For me was the first time I met ascension area and I realised what longevity means, living longer but being healthy and being present. Being happy with your family I think is the most important thing!
If diet can help to reach longevity in this way worth it malicious so it’s a great deal.
Sarah (2019,  Cell Metabolism, Daily Fasting Improves Health and Survival in Male Mice Independent of Diet Composition and Calories, Elsevier, available at
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