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Losing Weight by ct

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# Losing weight without diet and exercise in your 50s?

You gotta be kidding me how’re gonna do this, especially in our 50s?
Trying to lose weight as quickly as possible neatly different focus than battle. Often the faster we strive to see weight loss the more we really don’t control for fat loss nor optimize our body composition. In fact, the more we can negatively impact our body composition results is often in our attempt to lose weight faster to be slasher calories super low and try to exercise more.
 This results in yes more weight being lost but this wait is not like from fat but also muscle can also cause to create metabolic adaptations and formal changes that can make us look softer which is the opposite of what we want to happen.
 This is mainly the case when we’re working to lose that last 510 pounds and when we simply cannot diet or have time to exercise. Calories in versus calories out matter because we can’t focus on purely trying to starve ourselves by slashing our calories super low or creating more of a deficit through our training.
Really, we need to stop focusing on our training as a way to burn calories, we need to stop truly focusing on our calorie intake if we want the best fat-loss results possible.

These improper weightless practices and even at times extreme deprivation diets and overtraining or what lead to that horrible yo-yo dieting cycle lead to potentially rapid weight loss on the scale. But also that weight rebounds through these fad diets we create unsustainable habits for our bodies out of whack and often create metabolic adaptations that make it even harder to lose weight the next time we attempted.
If you’ve ever thought to yourself, my age makes it so much harder or it’s so much harder than it used to be to lose weight?
That might have less to do with the body getting older and more to do with improper dieting and practices we’ve used and implemented previously. The great part is that we can reverse much of the damage we’ve done!
You can retrain your body to eat more and lose fat!
We’re storing our metabolic health we have to stop looking for a fast fix instead of a sort of having to do the opposite of what we’ve been told to do. When we go over 45s years we need to focus on these two major things: extensive (aka macros) and strength training.
And then we need to focus on something we can truly maintain in the long term the motivation and willpower fleeting. We need to use those times motivated to create sustainable healthy habits. Because through these routines and habits that don’t take as much willpower to implement we will keep doing what we need to do to get the results even on those days we aren’t as motivated as we need.
 To focus less on creating a calorie deficit doing the things that keep our metabolic rate higher while learning to fuel in a way that leaves us feeling energized while needing to utilise stored energy aka factor fuel, and that means we need to focus on extensive and strength training.

# Extensive/ macros

Before you even adjust your calorie intake I recommend you focus on your macronutrient ratios what portion of your calories come from proteins carbs and fats
How you adjust your macros can capture energy levels and your fat loss results without you even consciously adjusting your calories you can even impact the number of calories you feel you need to be fuelled while creating a small deficit just because of the different thermic effects of each macronutrient we feel properly too
 We can help prevent unnecessary metabolic adaptations and we can keep the body running efficiently, not to mention we maintain our energy. We want to live the lifestyle we enjoy when first focusing on macros start by adjusting your protein intake.
If you want the best fat loss results, protein is the main thing that matters. Studies show that really protein intake is what term in what ratio works best for weight loss, here calculator

Whether you went high-fat or low-fat high carb or low-carb, the ratio that always produced the best results was the one higher in protein. And it’s because protein can keep you feeling full and fuelled, not to mention the thermic effect can only further aid in fat loss without you needing to create a more technical calorie. deficit protein takes the most energy to digest.
With about 20 to 30% of total calories and protein even going to digesting it while carving about 5 to 10% and fast only zero to 3% studies have shown protein to have a thermogenic effect five times greater than carbs or fat. Mostly you burn more calories to utilise protein than the other two macros.
 Increasing your protein can also help you build and retain lean muscle mass even while in a deficit says show that a high protein diet is the only diet that helps you do.  It can even help you prevent gaining fat when in a calorie surplus so cute you everything.
 We can avoid muscle mass loss not only by age but to keep our metabolic rate higher and avoiding metabolic adaptations we often see in extreme diets. Retaining lean muscle mass will help you burn more calories arrest not to mention muscle makes you look leaner as you lose. The fact and the cherry on top of all this and just another reason to focus on protein consuming protein can increase levels of Glucagon, the hormone in your body that can help control body fat.
When Glucagon has released the liver breaks down stored glycogen into glucose for the body to use it. Glucagon can also help liberate free fatty acids that are fat issues and provide fuel for cells and make that body fat do something useful instead of hiding or six-pack biggest.

# Strength Training over Cardio

We focused so much on the weight, but we really have to focus on strength training. Burn fat from exercise and try to create a calorie deficit through our training it can be great for beginners.

Looking to make that lifestyle change who finds moving more or adding in some workouts is easier to start than thinking about the diet. This focus on a calorie deficit and this is also why many people turn to cardio when they want to lose weight. It has a higher calorie burn procession weather by adapting over time.
Meaning we don’t burn as many calories from these sessions no matter what your very inaccurate fitness tracker tells you. And unless you keep training longer and harder which there’s a limit to you won’t be able to cut out training, or your diet for the long term so you will inevitably need to make dietary changes.
 Trust me I’ve tried out training and the diet it never leads to lasting results and often leads to burnout and injury. Also, endurance training can be catabolic to muscle tissue especially if you aren’t very consciously refueling. While you may be burning a few more calories in your training sessions by doing cardio especially to start you aren’t doing anything to raise your resting metabolic rate which impacts the calories you burn throughout the day and your resting metabolic rate has way more potential to help you burn more calories.
 On a daily basis, long term and creates lasting results and long-term fat loss maintenance. Not to mention you may only perpetuate muscle mass loss especially by slashing your calories super low which will result in worse body composition and potentially metabolic adaptations that make it harder hard to lose weight as we get older.
 This is why strength training is so delightful not only can you increase your resting metabolic rate by building muscle. Because muscle requires more energy to maintain the fat but you are also going to be functionally stronger, look leaner and preserve that muscles.
If you want to eat more and look leaner and prevent a lot of the metabolic adaptations we often associate with getting older you need to be focusing your training on strike training.

# Cardio

 If you enjoy cardio you don’t need to cut it out but just stop focusing on it workouts are purely about the calorie burn from that single session.

Stop focusing on trying to do more to leave yourself billing soldered.
Stop trying to out-train your diet instead see your workouts as a chance to build the lean physique below revealed by how you fuel user sessions, not for that quick fix but to help you better maintain your fat loss long term.
 I know it’s tempting to want to do more to get results faster. We have to remember that often the faster we lose weight on the scale the less we are truly focusing on that body composition.
Slow and Constant wins the race.

 Focus on just those two key things of macros and strength training and find a routine you can follow consistently if you want amazing body recomposition results.
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