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Homemade Skin Recipes by CT

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Today I’m going to show you how to make two DIY beauty gifts that are perfect for the woman in your life, whether that’s your mother, your sister, your grandmother, your friends, co-workers, or any lady in your life who will love these gifts.
They’re crazy simple to make at home I personally have been getting into natural beauty for the last few years.
Nonetheless, I’ve realised that looking at the ingredient list of the lot of products that I’m buying a lot of them are things that you can make yourself.
I decided to take it upon myself and create two simple recipes for DIY that also are good for beauty gifts. The first one that I’m going to show you how to make is a raw unrefined face & body cream. This cream is so awesome, it smells delicious, feels amazing on the skin and has tonnes of nutritional benefits for your skin.

Super Soft Skin

There are only six natural ingredients. We’re going to be using coconut butter which is antibacterial and also helps prevent and fight acne. Or using honey which is deeply moisturising and has a tonne of vitamins and minerals in it.
We’re also going to be using a rosemary oil which is great to help prevent fine lines, it’s soothing and helps with acne and scarring, and it also helps unclog pores. The final ingredient we’re going to be using is rose essential oil which helps improve circulation, also helps with acne and smells really good. Now without further view let’s go ahead and prepare it.
The first thing we’re going to do is just add the unrefined coconut butter and pure shea butter into a large mixing bowl onto the sauce with boiling water until it will be liquified.
But you want the coconut &shea butter to be softened not liquefied, so you can pop it in the fridge for 15-20 min if you need it to. And then you will add in the jojoba oil and I am using raw organic here. I definitely recommend that you use raw because it has the most nutrients.
Then we’ll add in the hemp oil and our essential rosemary oil.
Next, you’re just going to use a silicone spatula to mix everything together and it will become nice and fluffy as you want it to be. The texture is so gorgeous! After that you’re just going to transfer it into jars, I use 2-ounce glass jars, but again you could use any kind of jar that you want. All of the containers and everything that I’m using here will be linked.

If you want those exact jars you can find them here and that is all you have to do. This is the perfect natural face cream, body cream even a little gift for your love.

Facial Serum

The second gift that I’m going to show you how to make is a day/night face serum. I am a huge fan of facial oils and I use the mall the time I used one every morning at night time.
The one that I’m showing you how to make today is amazing. The base is jojoba oil, rosehip oil, hemp oil and dry carrot oil and all of these are really great for your skin.
It is all known that Jojoba oil is great for the skin because not only is it moisturising but it really locks in moisture and helps prevent a barrier from some of the external elements that you may face outside. Rosehip &carrot oil is very moisturising the skin and helps prevent the sun damage that it’s really nourishing and repairing.
It helps to give you a nice healthy glow, brighten the skin and anti-ageing.
These oils combined together are like a Rockstar for your face.
Next for the essential oils, we’re going to be using rose unrefined oil which smells fantastic but we’re only using a few drops. It Is very amazing for your skin and it helps reduce inflammation, is anti-ageing, antimicrobial and it helps with acne. As I’ve mentioned we” re also going to be using carrot oil which helps prevent wrinkles, it’s anti-ageing and it helps retain water so it makes your skin look nice and fresh and plump and kind of like baby side.
Nevertheless many use lavender essential oil for the skin which it’s really great because not only is it soothing and calming the smell alone makes you feel instantly at ease but it also helps with acne scarring.  It’s also just a lovely smell and our final oil is geranium which again is one of those oils that smells really great it helps with acne it’s also hormone balancing so it’s great for your skin and it helps round out this entire serum.
All we have to do to make the serum is just add the oils into the dropper bottle.  It’s two parts jojoba oil to one part rosehip oil. What does that mean?
For eg: Jojoba Oil  20 pipettes
Carrott Oil 8-10 pipettes
Hemp Oil 8-10 pipettes
Rosehip Oil 20 pipettes
Rose Oil 8-10 pipettes
If you want to add more you can use frankincense essence 5 drops and I would recommend two to three drops of geranium. Here is how I’ve done

That is how to make three DIY beauty gifts I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video I hope that you like the inspiration and I’ve never done a DIY thing on the channel before so if you enjoyed it let me know to give it a big thumbs up and also let me know in the comments section maybe I’ll do more DIY beauty stuff it’s kind of the fun, of course, I wish you very happy holidays and I’m sending guys all my love you haven’t subscribed to the channel already you can do so by clicking the button that’s on the next screen and I hope you guys have a great rest of your week I’ll see you soon. I would love to hear and read your comments please.
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