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CBD for Natural Health


CBD for Natural Health. Modern cannabis becomes more complex than a joint or a cookie with cannabis. Nowadays when we are talking about cannabis it is no longer about cannabis leaves but more to do with the benefits of the plant compound, building tremendous therapeutic potential and extract. As a result, cannabis will no longer start to look like this



but a lot more like this


therapeutic cbd

It is a lot more exciting than the old one. In fact, cannabis has evolved into a modern-day superfood and if we can enrich that, cannabis can actually become as much as important as your daily routine as caffeine.


CBD does not get you high! You can take all the CBD in the world and watch an entire 2 hours movie and you still not gonna get high!

CBD doesn’t impair you, instead, it has the opposite effect! Which sounds a little bit like magic until we dig into the depths of science. The effect you will get from a completely different chemical called, THC (tetraydrocannabinolic acid).

We all have a built-in system in our body that keeps our internal functions in balance despite external counterbalances. This is called The Endocannabinoid system and regulates things like stress, appetite, digestion, immune response, inflammation, mood, sleep, pain and much more.

Think about it like a conductor of the orchestra as I’ve written in my previous article here. When one piece starts to play out of rhythm for example an overreacting stress result, the endocannabinoid system steps in to move it out. CBD happens to be one of the chemicals that supports the function of helping that conductor to maintain rhythm throughout the body in the brain and studies into brain injuries actually prove this.

Through these studies, we know that CBD can help brain activities and keep brain regions involved in stress response, such as the amygdala. In other words, CBD helps your brain function more out of space when stress is in place. CBD is not just for people with extreme panic attacks or high anxiety either.

Does CBD have this gentle calming impact effect on mood stress level impact similar to meditation? Think of it as the volume of your stereo. CBD doesn’t shut off the noise entirely just turn it down a little bit so you can hear the music.

And because of that, it is used to help people become better to perform better in a wide range of daily stressful scenarios. from hearing to loud working and networking. People who are used to having a daily drink are now trying CBD instead.

Multiple studies have been done on the effect of CBD. Food and Drug Administration (FDA, 2020) states that there is no proven evidence that CBD causes dependence on the physical or psychic system.

The potential of CBD goes way beyond stress because of the broad function of the endocannabinoid system CBD is well known to have a wide potential effect and a significant reduction in stress and control.

Professional athletes are now replacing prescription pills and painkillers in place of CBD. An Insomniac is turning CBD into a potential natural remedy for more restful sleep.

This doesn’t mean that CBD will gonna cure your insomnia, your depression or your arthritis. But for many people prescriptions happen to be just the only best option.

The implication for CBD is very significant fascinated in particular when we have some of the natural remedies to calm the illness that affects millions of people every single day.

CBD is used to commonly fuse in food and beverages in a way to helps you become healthy and is very convenient.


You can get everything from CBD water, and juices well implemented in food, creams, oils, and tablets.

Cannabis should be viewed as THERAPEUTIC, not as a weed. So, hit the reset button on the energy starting with a fresh look at CBD.

And If we can change our perspective on one aspect of this planet. maybe we can take a look at the rest of it too.


Let me tell you a story about the revolution of a lady with Parkinson’s disease. She takes her Parkinson’s medication prescription and doesn’t help her at all.



CBD alone does not have a side effect said doctors and researchers from the University of Columbia (Reilly et al., 2020). Even in high doses given in the laboratory doesn’t seem to have any side effects. On the contrary, the studies confirm that OCD reduces significantly the reduction of anxiety.

The use of CBD for the control of epilepsy and so many other diseases is undisclosed to the population. For instance, Epidiolex was approved in 2017 by the FDA.

What is a dose: how much you take and how often you are taken for your individual condition as the doctor prescribed it!

A therapeutic dose is how much is required for you to accomplish what your objective is. For instance, your objective is to complete 8 hours a night, the amount of cannabis required to get you to sleep, keep you asleep and allow you to wake up after 8 hours rebuild and refresh that is the therapeutic dose.

We need to take the same step forward with cannabis. Because cannabis is like cannabidiol it should be no more threatening than a cup of coffee. If we are doing the right way this time we have an opportunity now to give millions of people access to something great to improve their work-life, social life, and to improve their happiness.



a. Delta-8 THC CBD Tinctures Full Spectrum comes in a variety of strengths.

Ingredients: Hemp Extract, MCT Oil

This oil combines the Delta 8 ingredient (750mg) with the full spectrum hemp CBD.

Placing a few drops under the tongue will reduce your anxiety and feel relaxed in just a few seconds.


b. Chill Plus CBD & Delta-8 Extreme Gummies Paradise Mix – 1250X

These CBD gummies come in strengths from 300mg to 5000mg and I promise you will release your chronic pain as well as insomnia associated with pain it is all based on strength. Delta 8 comes from Delta 9 found in the cannabis plant.

Delta 8 has been extracted from Delta 9, a powerful ingredient from the cannabis plant. As it falls from a regulatory area it is totally legal ( for now) to be sealed, so you can grab some. I have it, check it here


c. Epidiolex

Ingredients: 100mg/mL

It is a pure cannabidiol CBD from the marijuana plant where the THC has been extracted.

It can be found worldwide this medical therapeutic cannabis, which does not make you high at all, is produced by Greenwich for treating seizures with Lennox Gastaut Syndrome (LGS), Dravet Syndrome, and Tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) from patients from 1 years of age and older.



d. cbdMD

Made from a CBD extract and pure MCT oil, the CBD oil tinctures Superior Brad Spectrum combines cannabinoids (CBD), cannabigerol (CBD), and parts of hemp although is THC-free, cannabinol (CBN) terpenes from non-GMO hemp grown strictly in the US. Certified by a third-party and ISO-certified lab. You can get yours here



e. GreenWellness

From CBD Oil Tinctures, CBD Tinctures, CBD for Pets CBD Capsules, and CBD Edibles the company brings onto the market the best products from the best manufacturers.

Rated with excellence on the Trust Pilot GreenWelness looked for Hemp-based products that contain the highest grade of Cannabidiol (CBD).

The cannabis plant is known as a non-psychotropic plant and is also known as the Hemp plant.

Buy Lab Tested CBD Tinctures from Green Wellness now! Free Shipping on Orders Over $50!


Lastly treat yourself with R not at all expensive oil


There is still a lot of work to be done today. The decisions we are making today will influence tomorrow’s future. We can’t continue to put it off. Because the longer we delay the regulatory decision the longer we are denied access to natural solutions to calming illnesses it should be very treatable.

We need to move forward based on real science one step at a time. CBD is natural and there is pretty much research to support that. So, how do we move forward on CBD regulation?

At first, we all need to determine what it is. There are a lot of people out there who will tell you that CBD should only be on prescription-based medication. Those people are called pharmaceutical companies. And they are pretty aware that this industry will be projected to 22 billion $ or £ in the future year.

If we remove the veil of cannabis stigma it seems nothing more than a natural plant ingredient with therapeutic potential. It’s really more like……..a superfood. Unfortunately, we already have a really good thing for that, thanks to an all-time super-boost, caffeine. Comparing something like caffeine with cannabis is not that different. They both come from the same ingredient plant, it is safer to consume and use them to improve our mood and energy levels.




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