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Qigong Working Out Your Muscles

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Benefits from qigong while also working out your muscles? Let’s just have a look


# Lifeforce QI

If you’re feeling irritable maybe having brain fog add and anxiety or being in pain the energy that we’re going to talk about today is going to make a huge difference to help you regain health once again this energy is called Qi/ Chi.
This is the life force that flows through all living things. I’m going to show you something that is so powerful and this potentially can change your life. Chi is a Chinese word for breath or ear and this flows through pathways throughout our body called meridians.
There are twelve major meridians in the human body in each of them is associated with a particular organ system.


A study conducted by Kultida et al (2020) explains in detail the effect of the Qigong on the body.
That In a healthy individual chi flows evenly allowing the body to stay healthy and strong. And if the chi is weak or blocked that’s when you start experiencing the emotional and physical symptoms.
 I’m asking you to please have an open mind! Call this philosophy and is not from western culture, is from eastern culture and has been around for thousands of years. Maybe this will ring a bell perhaps the most well known is acupuncture. This is where acupuncture is used needles and several hundred acupuncture points to create that normal flow of Qi throughout the body.


# Qigong for Anxiety


 We are very aware of Tai chi, Qi Gong meditation and especially yoga. All of these healing arts are used to the keep normal flow of Qi that will increase your energy and vitality and you’ll have a better quality of life, and old age will sleep deeper and more restful. Not to mention a peaceful mind, a positive attitude and you’ll always be in a better mood.
You will have more balance in your breathing your heart rate and blood pressure. It will reduce inflammation throughout the body that will give you higher levels of energy and deep feelings of spirituality to maximise that healing chi energy within our bodies breathing from our diaphragm deep slow breathing kick in on and appeal sympathetic nervous system at rest and digest.
To allow our bodily systems to work at their maximum potential. Let’s do this technique together because I want you to experience that powerful energy that resides within your body. Let’s start with shaking our hands and body together with shoulders all body as master Chuying Lin do here

# Holding postures and moving slowly

As you practice more and more and become more professional. You take the same energy you can bring through your shoulders, bring it to your heart, bring it to your knee. This energy is what it’s all about cheating in getting teens into one thing nothing before nothing else the living at the moment.


The Top Benefits

I’ve been doing it for more than a year and there are a lot more benefits I can tell you that, but here are the top ones and I think you’ll love these


 #1 Less Stress

Who doesn’t want less stress in their life? What does stress mean?
Means we’re in fight or flight or stressed out with our bodies. Qigong is going to clear the stress tension and tightness, the resides in your body. Let’s get rid of the neck and shoulder tension, let’s get rid of the stress that we feel in the chest. Stress manifests in all different ways in the body and Qigong call it to transform stress into vitality. Ok, number one is clear the stress.


#2. More Energy

Who doesn’t’ want more energy? Researchers show that qigong is going to give you the energy of a 6-year-old, just power you up but with the wisdom of a 90-year old. Let’s get the wisdom of a 90-year-old intelligent life experience but let’s power up the body like children; they have a lot of energy and move through the day with excitement and passion when they go to sleep to rest and very deep. That’s what Qigong is doing, give you two kinds of energy: Yin and Yang, the energy for the day. Also, energy for the night to go to sleep and rest peacefully.

#3 Calms the mind

Because the mind can get agitated overly energised, maybe there are too many thoughts and usually, those thoughts are on the negative side. Qigong is going to calm the mind with flowing movements, slow deep breathing, it helps to slow down the mind. As a result, your mind becomes as they say, like a clear mountain lake reflective, open, observant without the clutter of all the negative thoughts. It is mindfulness in motion, it’s an embodied practise that is meditative and it helps to calm the mind.

#4 Prevention

In Qigong, they say prevent diseases before they arise. Qigong is the art of preventing disease and prolonging life fantastic ageing with grace. It is a practice that anybody can do and any movement is the key to preventing problems and clearing stress and having more energy. When we do this we prevent problems from arising. I am telling you it is true healthcare that cultivates health, vitality and energy.

In fact, the medicine was designed as prevention. For instance, if you went to your Doctor who was your Qigong master and you said I want to become part of your programme so the programme you pay a monthly fee as long as you’re healthy you keep paying as soon as you get sick stop pay.
Picture that image, going to your document I don’t feel good so I’m not going to pay you healthcare practitioner in this model that is motivated to keep you healthy to prevent problems. Then let’s prevent problems because nobody wants to get stuck in a healthcare system with side effects.
Let’s prevent problems from arising now if you get problems or if we have problems we all do we’re living in these bodies Qigong circulates energy to clear those problems. That your bodies natural healing power gets ignited and starts to heal on its own connexion energy said she means energy it’s within us and it’s all around us.


#5 Connection to each other with loving-kindness and compassion.

We feel connected to the three forces: connected to the earth, we feel connected to nature and each other. Above all, we are connected to the universe, and that’s what we’re here to do, to tap in to connect to our humanity.
Let’s connect to nature our extended body, let’s take care of it and we feel chi we feel connected to the universe a higher power. That divine wisdom pours through us and so Qigong can address all these different things. The personal my own self, the interpersonal relationships to the world around us and the transpersonal their relationship to the universe nature and the earth.

# Exercises and Meditation Qigong

when everyone can do this after a couple of practices



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I have to tell you, this is the first time for me after I’ve taken the course diploma where I continue to feel those goosebumps, that energy that healing electricity running through my body. It’s really powerful please share this with your friends and family will be doing them a big favour to help their health and will leave your comments below.


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